Description: Artist since 1983, experimental musician since 2019, philosophical pessimist since 2010.
Description: Joined 2024-01-21 from https://DiasporaSocial.Net/u/77
Location: Canada
Description: Documenting a 20+ year long adventure in the city of Pavis
Location: River of Cradles, Prax
Hometown: Pavis, of course!
Description: All about the Origin System and the Tenno in Warframe
Location: Indiana, USA
Location: American
Description: avid hiker, persistent tinkerhack, i've been doing this since before google was a thing...
Age: 52
Keywords: hiking, outdoors, infosec, netsec
Description: ✊ Communist actuality ☭
Description: That’s me
Location: Hell
Keywords: Logic
About: Categorical logic appreciator
Description: trying to identify and build tools for human reasoning
About: I used to write code for a living. Now I have the liberty to write the code I think is needed. Here is a brief description of what I'm trying to do:
Location: Michigan, United States


Description: Software & Photos
Age: 37
Keywords: photography, software
About: Happy and looking to learn and discover great news from the fediverse


Description: Gamer/Musician
Location: Virginia, USA
Hometown: New York City
Description: Single empty nester, dog owner.
About: There is a lot to tell. I tried to write an autobiography, yet after the fourth book, I still wasn't done telling the story I really wanted to write down.
Location: Stevens Point, Wisconsin, USA
Description: Amateur adult, novice dad, humble husband & professor optimist.
Location: Orlando, FL,
Description: Retired geek who is now a van-life nomad.
Location: The world.
About: Started programming computers in the 1960s. Became a Biomedical Engineer from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Albany Medical School. Graduate study at Brooklyn Poly. Worked in the field, and then technical marketing, and then free-lance. In 2012, kept one client, sold the house and everything, and went full-on digital nomad. Traveled around the world. In 2016, bought a Sprinter and started living in it.
Description: An occasional Tourette outburst of wisdom.
Keywords: #quote, #wisdom, #funny
Description: beard growing apparatus
Location: Portland, OR, US
Hometown: Saugus, CA
About: I mostly grow a beard.