A wrong turn on an experimental hero quest

This is why you want to follow known paths.


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One Version

I could think of several other "outcomes" (pardon the pun).

However, I have been so angry at myself all week, for how badly I played last Monday that I haven't been able to sleep at night.
I was awake each night, regretting how I was so focused on the heroes' little plan to get the Jaldonites tossed overboard for fighting, that I totally missed the Sartarites' plan as it unfolded.
Since you GAVE Will the awareness of what was happening, it's my own fault for not going with the flow, when given the chance. I feel like such an idiot. I'm usually a lot quicker on the uptake than that.
It was an opportunity for Will to say, "Take vengeance upon the Jaldonites!" then trade a chain for a reign while Speth, Oshun & Rasa surprise the 3 Jaldonites, before escaping overboard.

I finally got 12 hours of sleep last night to try and make up for all that insomnia. Still, I am kicking myself for ignoring your Christmas gift to our characters. I get it now. Thanks.
If only I can wrap Will's mind around the concept of an audience with the Celestial Dragon, then I could try to redeem myself as a player.
In hindsight, it was a great game. If only I could have played up to that level at the time...

Sleep easy!

If you asked me you actually saved us a bit by bringing out the drum of dark harmony. I regretted stopping you from playing but still sleep easy because Oshun has always been 'damn herouesting!!!' and this is double now that we realize we're on an experimental heroquest. But in the end, you are the champion of pavis. I think your primary job was a plan for the string and the jaldonites. Plus, the Sartarites admittedly had to be extremely vague on what this quest was about (something the players have been told is very very dangerous).

Moving On

Therefore, Will I Am blocks the distracting thought of what could have been on board the Giant's ship in order to concentrate on proceeding safely through the Celestial Dragon's decapitated body toward that rumbling sound.

1/29/2016 update: For being halfway out of their league, the Heroes acquitted themselves quite well, with lessons learned, relationships improved plus their lives and limbs intact.

Perhaps an actual Hero Quest to avenge Four Joke might be in order. What do you think of Babeeter Gor Kills the Meldak (Again)?


Is doing a heroquest over that you haven't completed in the first place, considered double jeapordy in Glorantha??\

Hmmm Too

There's One Way To Find Out: Try it!
Wait, that's an experimental hero quest...
You know, that's what our heroes used to do anyway.
As players, we didn't know what to expect when our characters hero quested.
We all figured out a lot of stuff along the way by rolling the dice.
(And spending hero points).

I really have no idea of what doing a hero quest over, that may have not been completed the first time, would do.
The only reasons why we think that Speth's "Meldek" quest in unfinished is due to not knowing if the foe was killed and that Speth did not gain "Freeze the Blood" at the end.
This could be Speth's chance to complete the quest and earn that power. I wonder what she would say? Chris....?

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