Westhill Clan Game

This tool was designed for Heortlings, who are more patriarchal and therefore Orlanth based, but I chose answers that always tended toward Esrolian style. It matches up pretty well.  I did this 'cause it was easy, feel free to ignore it if it doesn't match your needs:  Explanation at: http://www.glorantha.com/tools/clan_notes.html 

Chris , who runs the game, says that the size of the clan given here is too big, so I'm adjusting.

Westhill Clan

Economic Speciality: Grain
Temple: Ernalda
Other Popular Gods: Uralda Orlanth
Tula Size: 100 hides
Land Use Grain: 54% (50 hides) Livestock: 36% (30 hides) Hunting: 9% (20 hides)
Population: 150
Weaponthanes: 7
Fyrd: 40
Goals: Peace(8)  Learning(2)  Prosperity(2) Glory(1)  Justice(1)  Conquest(1)  Rebellion(1) Values: Acceptance(6)  Tradition(3)  Generosity(3)
Wealth Rating: 2W Threat Rating:0 Morale Rating: 15 Magic Rating: 19
Thralls: No
Clan Type: Peace
Lunar Relations: 13
Ancient Allies: Esrolians
Dragons: Positive
Enemies: Ancient: Beast Folk Recent: Aldryami
Neighbors: Poachers

Summary of Clan History:

We remember back to when Ernalda gathered the women to share in the abundance of the Earth. Our clanswomen helped Ernalda by doing the Flax Dance
Ernalda consoled us by saying: "It is my way to have many husbands. The Bright Emperor will be neither the first or the last of  these."
We joined Orlanth when he wooed Ernalda, and won her heart.
We joined the Four Legs Clan, led by Uralda the Cow Mother
We fought our most telling battle against the Beast Tribe, made up of people who were half man and half animal.
When Vingkot said to shelter the people of a ruined clan, we agreed, and gave them the same rights we expected ourselves. The  farmers became carls, and the warriors were called weaponthanes.
We followed Heort's teachings in the way of war and peace by taking this path: peace
Our most important allies were the grandmothers of Esrolia, who overthrew Orlanth, but still revered Ernalda.
When Lokamayadon came, we pretended to go along with High Storm, and waited for a good time to rebel.
When Arkat came, we helped the usual amount
The Dragonkill war taught us that new things are usually bad.
We helped our neighbors settle Dragon Pass because we loved the Pharaoh, and wished to make Dragon Pass part of his rule.
Recently, our worst threat has been the Aldryami, who fought you when you tried to clear your lands.
We chose to form a tribe with these other clans because they had the wisest peacemakers.
We admired king Sartar because he married the Horse-Spawn Queen and became King of Dragon Pass.
When the Lunar missionaries first came, we refused to let them enter our steads. Over the course of many years of fighting the Lunar Empire, we argued for peace.
When the Lunars won the foreign war, we accepted their rule, but did not love them. While there was no Orlanthi to the north, many clans fought each other.  We tended to our crops.
When Kallyr Starbrow sent emissaries for support of rebellion, we said it was not the time for rebellion.

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Need info

I guess I'm confused about Weaponthanes, fyrd members and who is in the 1st 2nd and 3rd ranks. Who are the weaponthanes? Ogfrith, Stubby, Varu and who else? What about the clansmen who joined us on the caravan raid?

Never summon anything bigger than your head.

There are very few

There are very few thanes.

Most were fyrdmen.

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