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Enemy Clans

The Forstu and the Eastridge are unfriendly or enemy clans.


The inheritors of the title "damn lowlanders" the Forstu control most of the best farmland lower down the valley south and west of the Westhill Tula. They are not the clan who took over what was once Westhill land before the False Imarja, but they supplanted that dissolved clan and now, as far as the Westhill are concerned, squat on land that was once theirs. Happily a neutral clan, the Orkings, provide a buffer along most of the Westhill western border, and by Hexarch command, no clan may place a toll over any Earth Road in Esrolia. However, Westhill clans people are wise to avoid any so-called inn on the southern slopes of the valley on Forstu lands, where overcharging, poor food and worse hospitality is the least they can expect.

The Forstu are rich from fishing, farming, milling and cows, and make a tempting raiding target. Part of the Arkat's Hold tribal confederation, though their warriors are soft they are not shy about calling on tribal levies who are much tougher and often use foreign magic. Erna Reedwriter, law speaker for the Forstu, routinely brings suit at tribal moots against those who have raided the Forstu, often winning harsh judgements.


Unlike the rich and fat Forstu, the Eastridge clan is too much like the Westhill for them to get along. Both are similar in styles of farming, herding and preferred grazing. In particular, both lay claim to the same high pastures for summer graze, and both claim that the other stole secrets of sacred places high in the mountain pastures where it is possible to enter into the Middle Air on the clouds.

The Eastridge warband are the Hedgespears, adept at ambush and missile weapons, and a notably egalitarian fyrd with less difference between the fighting thanes and the fighting fyrd than most clans. Many Vingans join the fyrd, making it larger than that of most clans of the same size.

Strike While Hidden 1W
Find Weak Spot 15
Quiet as a Mouse 15
Evasive Maneuvers 17

Grandmother: Kilmera. Her daughter, Merle is a weaponthane.

Visk is a shaman from the Eastridge, renowned as an evil fucker.

A generation ago, attempts were made by the Grandmothers to end the near-feuding between the clans and some marriages were made. But none of them lasted and the children of those unions were a source of trouble for years.

Worse, the only rideable shortcut through the southern Skyreach Mountains into Sartar passes through the middle of the Eastridge tula, and it isn't an Esrolian Earth Road so they block it at their whim.

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Would this help?

Does the clan know enough about either the Forstu or the Eastridge clans in order to appear as though the characters represent one of them when they take on the raiding mission? Of course they do not want to appear to be members of the Westhill tribe while raiding the merchants, but one or the other group (Forstu or Eastridge).

Now that the cloth merchant raid is over, what actions, if any, do the characters want to take vs these "damn lowlanders". Despite the Forstu law speaker's suits, is raiding the Forstu approved by Corisand? Can we at least spy on them and look for prime opportunities for addressing the ancient wrong they perpetrated on us by taking over that land from those who took it from the Westhill clan in the first place?

As Imarjan gains proficiency in his new spirit tradition, he will look for spirits and ways that can prove useful against these specific neighbors. Hide in Shadow, Frighten Interloper, Banish Spirit, Ward off Spirit Face, etc.

Would this help?

During the night before the Eastridge's thanes-to-be wrestling contest with Imarjan, the 18 year old apprentice shamen wants to test himself and Umbro - Spirit of Darkness. After sundown, Imarjan uses the cover of night plus his spirit face and his darkness rune affinity to call forth Umbro from its fetish. Imarjan sings in a whispered voice:

"Shade of Night, shield me from sight,
for I would visit the Eastridge clan."

"Learn on site about their fight,
for I would know the Eastridge plan"

"We share dark secrets of the night and use them to hide from light.
Let our shadows be as one. We raid for knowledge. Let it be done!"

Spirit 6W +2 Darkness to convince Umbro to "Obscure Raider" at 10W.

After that, Imarjan carefully makes his way through the Imarjella camp toward the Eastridge Clan. Using "Hide in Cover" at 17 (plus "Stand Still" as needed at 17) and Harstager's "See in Dark" at 18, they slip into the Eastridge area looking for clan-members discussing the wrestling match.

Imarjan can also see spirits at 6W so he is also on the look-out for any Eastridge spirit-wards and, if he can help it, will avoid them by not crossing into their domain. Even though Imarjan has "Stay Awake" at 17 he hopes he can find out some valuable information about his opponents before he needs to use that skill. After all, he wants to rest before the contest.

He wonders if he might come across some Eastridge clansmen who are boasting and bragging while drinking or even the thanes-to-be themselves, practicing together or discussing their strategy.


Are you doing this without approval from Corisand or Evina? It doesn't matter to me, but remember the trouble Visk got into by implementing his own schemes.

Never summon anything bigger than your head.


On second thought, a private request for Corisand's approval is in the clan's best interest. It did occur to me, as a player, that using the "Oscure Raider" spirit would make Imarjan act like Visk. That idea made me feel ambivalent about the whole venture.

In a hushed and somber tone of voice, Imarjan asks Corisand for:

"Your permission, Chieftess, to glide like a shadow at night into the Eastridge camp in order to hear their plans for tomorrow's challenge."


Corisand considers you for a moment and then asks "Where is the need for secrecy and urgency? Is this not a matter for the clan council to decide? Especially since if you are caught the repercussions could affect the whole clan. Young one, I believe there is time yet to make a decision before the contest. Unless you perceive a peril that I am not aware?"

Never summon anything bigger than your head.

Pros & Cons

"The reason I ask for permission now is because the challenge takes place tomorrow. My pride made me think I could win more Thanes-to-be for our clan if I were to know the Eastridge strategy to defeat me in combat.

In order to limit their number of thanes, they will use whatever resources they have. Umbro is a resource I have for finding out what they plan. We know they want to keep more men and I want to gain more fighters for Westhill.

If the repercussions for getting caught outweigh the benefits, then you and your council are wise to deny permission and I am gaining wisdom for having thought to ask before trying this venture impulsively. I do not want to cause harm to our clan, like Visk did to his, when he acted in secret to cause kinstrife."

Varu sez

"Since it is you and not me, I can tell you what they will do. They will run like wind at you, grab you up or just ram into you."

"If it was me not you, they would run away."

Yea That

"So true, Big Varu. You have thought long and hard upon the matter and I thank you for taking the time to tell me.
I shall do my best to keep them at bay while they get in each other's way."

It is agreed

Corisand says
"Very well then. We will bring the matter before the council."

Guards are sent to gather (and wake if needed) the proper clansmen. Evina is one of them. Is Varu around and therefore present? Is he summoned?

We will probably play this discussion out.

Something to notice here is that decisions are rarely made quickly and by the chieftess alone.

Should this discussion be moved to a different thread?

Never summon anything bigger than your head.

Debbie downer

Evina upon waking from the summons: "wha...wha...whaaaatttt???? We just received a more than favorable settlement from the Queen and the Eastridge Chieftess has softened her stance against us. But now where going to do what? Raid their camp and risk breaking the deal alltogether??!?!"


Upon finding out that he must vie with only 2 Eastridge thanes-to-be, Imarjan decides to apologize for bothering the Chieftess and her council and then get a good night's sleep before the contest.

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