Varu Remembers

I remember the crack sound of spring's first ice melt, the sound of Voria's footstep. How the elders' smiles lit their faces, weighing the breaking weather against the remaining food.

I remember that big rock in the southern pasture for as long as anyone could recall, the feel of it under my hands as it started to move, the deep, loamy smell of the dirt underneath it, how proud Pony was when he felt it start to move on the sledge, the work chant of my clansmen as we hauled it to the wall that spring.

I remember the feel of calluses on my hands after spring planting, the weight of plow reins over my shoulder replaced with my shield's strap, how well spring's calluses serve when holding my mace in summer.

I remember the yells of instruction to the shield wall as we practiced, kicking red dirt into the summer air with laughs and shouts, pressing shield on shield and learned to listen to what Ash Face wanted.

I remember how the words of a wise thane calmed the nervous fyrd when we stood with them before marching into Orod's Copse to make sure there were no elves there, and the smell of sacrificial fires to the Thunder Brothers we burnt at the center of that wood.

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Imarjan Remembers

Imarjan: I remember my family and friends called me Oresh Openmouth because sometimes they could hear me sing Earth songs with our ancestors. I heard the cries of Imarjallans suffering from the gooey pox and then the strains of our ancestral chorus singing Imarja's first Earth song which drove Mallia's spirits from their victems. I saw these malevolent infestors shrivel up like grapes in the sunshine. I felt Imarja's power, like a lasso, catching weakened disease spirits one by one and pulling them out of our kinfolk. I joined in the singing of Imarja's second song which dispelled most of Mallia's minions while they swirled around seeking more clanspeople to afflict. Finally, the last, and deadliest Chaos spirit remained, dodging the words we sang until I sang in harmony with the ancestors, leaving that black, twisted thing no more room to spin and sail about. With a hurtful scream it winded its way back into the void from which it came.

I remember learning Imarja's eight silent songs, which are all the ancestors could recall. These bind us to the Earth. They speak of "a ninth - silent scream - to halt men's follies", but cannot recall how it goes. I remember asking each and every ancestral spirit who would listen to me if they know it. Alas, all said, "No". I feel incomplete, knowing that I do not know this secret.

I remember the icky, feeling that "Thurgat Thurxiph - the black finger of decay" caused by trying to posses me at the warding rock, the way it winded its way around my spirit, tightening its hold on my soul. Even while it tried to enthrall me with whispers of madness I remembered the warning Urflind Ram's Horn told me, "Focus your thoughts on the power of the Earth from which all life comes". I did not have time to be afraid, but sang that demon to sleep with Imarja's Lullaby because I did not know what else to do.

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