StellarCon Field Trip!

4 hours away from me, probably less for Richmonders

> Greg at StellarCon 2007!
> Greg Stafford has accepted an invitation to attend StellarCon, which is
> a small sci-fi convention held in High Point, NC, on March 9 - 11 of
> 2007. I will be coordinating Glorantha Tribe support for Greg at the
> convention, so if you think you can help out in any way, or just hope to
> attend, then please post about it here.
> Greg plans to sit on a few panels and run a couple of games (tentatively
> Pendragon and a Glorantha based game). Mostly, though, he just wants to
> hang out and talk to folks. He would like us to run other games at the
> convention, and maybe offer places in Greg's games as a prize if there
> are enough other related games going on.
> At the moment I am caught up in some rather pressing personal issues but
> hope to be able to devote some time to this starting in October.
> ~Kevin McDonald

Those of us on the StellarCon staff who know gaming are just as excited
to have Greg Stafford attend the Con. Anyone interested in attending
StellarCon and running a game (of any other sort) can contact me at the
temporary StellarCon gaming address of stellarcongaming@.... I am
working on getting the gaming area of the site developed with actual
content but real life is slowing that process down. You can also direct
any questions my way regarding the Con and I will do my best to answer
them. Now you'll excuse me I need to start on my paper-mache life size
Uz for the Gaming room....

Corey Spillis
StellarCon Director of Gaming

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Suite Rates

The prices, as I have been given them, as as follows:

One room (either King or a Double) + adjoining parlor is $150/night + 13% tax = $169.50

Both rooms (entire suite - King, parlor and double) is $225/night + 13% tax = $254.25

The parlors, just by themselves, are also $75/night + 13% tax = $84.75.

Who wants one? Or rather, part of one? Regular room rate is $75 a night.

Four of us with a suite would actually save money over 4 of us in rooms. I think. "Rooms" are $75 a night--no idea if that's per person or per room. I assume each room would be a double.

Status check

Who's still up for this? I've still got the weekend reserved.

If people are interested, I can attempt to find out the suite price again.

one more

Jon's brother Andrew is threatening to come, if we attend.


Seriously thinking about it. Greg was very entertaining at the last Runecon I went to. The wife might actaully go too. Something about High Point and furniture. I have no idea what she's talking about though.


(Whether or not his mother put him up to it) I have been asked by my youngest son to take him to EB Games "Gears of War" tournament on Saturday so I couldn't tell him no.



It's only a flesh wound

Chase did very well in the tournament. He was just about the youngest in a field of 160. They paired up and he & his partner lasted 3+ hours against older players. I don't know who won, but the winning duo split $50.

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