Stand before the clan

Word has spread like wildfire that those that were lost and have returned worship a foreign god. This evening all of you must stand before the clan ring and tell the tale. One of you, or all of you will need to speak about the adventure and the roles you played in getting yourselves and the 'lost ones' (as they are being called) back to home. More importantly one of you (or all you) will need to explain why you brought them back when they could bring ruin upon the clan. There are several important members of the clan who already speak openly of the danger they bring to the clan and that they should be turned out. You must also prove to the clan that those have returned are worth the effort (and great risk to the clan) to bring them back into the fold.

I'm assuming here that it is very difficult to switch gods (again) and that the full support of the clan would be required. The main contest will be convincing the clan to let them stay AND to provide support for the ceremonies to re-dedicate them to local gods.

Questions? Discuss.

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Clan Retribution Spirits

Do we in any way have to deal with Clan or Cult retribution spirits? Any Ancestor spirits? Evina wants to make sure she appeals to all the right beings.


Imarjan isn't afraid to intervene on behalf of the returning (living) clan members with ancestral spirits, whether, or not, they are retribution spirits.

Does this mean Chris is running tomorrow night (7/25)?

How does Chris imagine it?

Cult retribution spirits would typically have visited the apostate clansmen already, but I can imagine they would not be finished with them. Perhaps they were protected by their new cults.

I don't recall what cults they joined. I can only hope & imagine that given choices, they would have joined ones that could aid them without being entirely unacceptable to their culture.

Doberdun the Thunderstorm god of the Empire, not the cult of Refulza the Red Moon.
Ormalya the Bear and not Yanafal Tarnils, war god of the empire.
or some Wyter spirit of the gladiator pens.

The typical Orlanth spirits of reprisal are:
Impests cause itching and can lead to skin becoming pocked.
Flint Slingers appear in the distance, hurl flints with their slings, then disappear.
Wind Fists are literal fists with wings at the wrist.

It's an interesting question about whether Ash Face is angry at the returned, or just requires them to re-up their sacrifices. As written Ash Face requires

"Members must be from the Westhill clan or adopted in. Members must own and use a shield in combat."

There's also question about the actual Clan wyter, rather than the fyrd wyter. I think that's probably an Ernaldan spirit, but I dunno.

At the end of the last game my notes reveal that:

Old Wind is a sacred place to Orlanth where rescued kin can redeem themselves. (I don't think they did this)

Tell the tale to family about going to free (exorcise) Uncle Marnok Tight-lip from Delecti's zombie army in the upland marsh. (I think we did this)

Fetch of Blackface & Cloak in order to advance from apprentice to practitioner. (I know we didn't do this, yet)

Rescued kin will re-initiate at sacred time (We didn't do this, yet)

Out of the 10 clansmen the heroes rescued, there are 4 names plus two designations, but I do not have their new cults.
1) Angreth Wind-Blessed
4) Arotha the Sharp
5) Lucky Larises (farmer?)
6) H'rada the Howler

* Brokal's brother
** Shalla Divia's mother

I am a dick

For the sake of the story I'm going to say that while citizens of the empire are allowed to align with cults that are not of the Red Moon, gladiators/slaves (who belong to cults outlawed by the Empire) MUST choose Red Moon cults if they wish to use magic. It's a way to keep them under control and crush their spirit.

So the returned clan members that were Orlanthi cult members (I think the healer maintained her devotion?) have definitely converted to a Lunar cult. This explains their reluctance to return and their shame. Remember, one of the ones that died in the pits died because he would rather die that use foreign magic. The others were not that brave and chose to survive by joining a Lunar cult.

It's safe to say they were protected by Orlanthi spirits of reprisal by the strong Lunar magic in the gladiator pens.

Now, the returned need to rededicate themselves to Orlanthi (or some non-lunar cult) and the clan must protect them from Lunar spirits of reprisal.

Ash face is not happy that these foreigners are here, but since they were given safe passage by your characters he is simply irritated.

Never summon anything bigger than your head.


I do remember that a kinsman refused to renounce his cult and did not survive. That was going to part of Imarjan's plan.
Imarjan was already planning to call on that one to help explain the dire need for the others to convert in order to survive.
If you want me to write up Imarjan's plea to the Chieftess and the Clan on behalf of the returned clans people, I will do that.

I don't need a write up, just

I don't need a write up, just trying to give you some time to prep. This is only for you guys (Mike, Jon and Brian) to prepare what your characters say before the clan. The better the speech the better the bonuses.

Never summon anything bigger than your head.

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