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Upgrades coming

Hey I'm upgrading the site today, so you may see some appearance changes, temporary interruptions and then finally some improvements.

Drupal 5.1 here we come!

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Using the Site

I built this site so my fellow gamers can contribute to it without me having to act as a "gatekeeper" who posts everything others send them.

But people may find it confusing. Certainly, I'd like to see more of you posting more.

Is this system complicated? I don't think so. Adding something to your blog is pretty easy, just a web form.

But in case someone out there with a story to tell is confused by all this stuff, here's a video demo of how the Drupal system works.

So watch that and then post something already!

The Site is Done (more or less)

I found a theme I like and have made it the default.

Everything seems to be working.

So now, dear users, please tell me if:

    There's something that doesn't work the way you want
    There's something that you want that doesn't exist
    There's something that exists that you don't want
    Something seems really ugly

Post your game logs

One of the best ways I can imagine to use this site is for players to post their game diaries in their blogs.

This is really easy, and made easier with a variety of tools out there called "blog clients." Here's an explanation and a list of clients. This list only refers to WordPress, but most of these work with Drupal too, which is what runs this site. Here is some Drupal-specific info.

I post with ecto, a very nice but not free blog client.

w.bloggar is free.
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