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Playing Around at Stellarcon

Stellarcon seemed small to me, but maybe that was just the overtaxed elevators.

Downtown High Point is not a great place for a con. No good dinner restaurants in walking distance and Elm Street Café, the only good lunch place, closed on Sunday. I completely failed to find a place to buy wine, which meant at one point Saturday night I actually drank a Miller lite. I had forgotten how it doesn't taste even a little like beer.

Food at the Raddison restaurant was just OK, and as is typical for a hotel restaurant, was overpriced for what you got. Joys of a captive market.

Stellarcon Observations

High Point doesn't have much of a downtown.

The black t-shirt business has more successfully conquered fandom than I ever thought possible.

Many gamers still smell bad.

Post your game logs

One of the best ways I can imagine to use this site is for players to post their game diaries in their blogs.

This is really easy, and made easier with a variety of tools out there called "blog clients." Here's an explanation and a list of clients. This list only refers to WordPress, but most of these work with Drupal too, which is what runs this site. Here is some Drupal-specific info.

I post with ecto, a very nice but not free blog client.

w.bloggar is free.
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