Senech is to blame

White Baboon Betrays the Monkey People

A story from the Praxian Baboon people, on how the world was broken and why it is all the fault of the White Fur Thief.

Red Baboon and White Monkey were brothers. Don't ask how, in those days stranger things could have the same mother and father. They were twin brothers who ruled the Monkey Kingdom, and it was good because Red Baboon had the Ruling Stick that made sure everyone knew what to do and why. White Monkey was the younger brother, and he wanted a way to show he was as good as his older brother, the Red Baboon King.  Senikras was naked, but he was sly. He was the sneakiest creature, who everyone pitied because he was naked. Senikras envied almost everyone because he was the weakest, the scrawniest, and his teeth were puny. No females wanted to mate with him. Because he was so envious, he could see that White Monkey envied his brother. 

Senikrass the Trickster comes & takes most of White Baboon's fur.  "senekrasss" means "White Fur thief" in baboon  He was a naked spirit who wanted White Monkey's beautiful fur.

Once he had fur, he passed as White Monkey  caused more trouble with his masquerade 
Stole Wives  stole food  broke Red Baboon's Ruling Stick

White Baboon realizes he is different now 

Rejects Brothers  Puts on Clothes  Attracts new spirits with clothes  He makes clothes for them  Establishes sacrificial worship of those spirits