The Scent of Sand and Copper

With a now familiar but still disorienting lurch, Gortor's Demon Skull Chariot appears atop Rass Tower. Trouble and Anger nervously step about, so the chariot never quite comes to a stop. It's hard to get your bearings, as the sky is blotted out with sand and the howl of the desert wind blowing off the Wastes. You have to shout to hear each other.

This is a big storm. No one can see beyond the walls of the Manor, and even the Manor's courtyard is barely visible through the brown haze that stings your eyes. This storm has been blowing for hours as you can tell from the sand accumulated everywhere, even up on the parapet where you are.

Everyone rushes to get inside as quickly as possible. The moment the last of you steps off the chariot, Gortor says. "You saved me, so I owe you a life debt. But I am sworn to Kallyr and I must make up my failure to her." With that, he snaps the reins and says his familiar "Walk on!" and the chariot is gone.

When the door to the parapet closes, the silence is profound compared to the bellow of the Storm Bull outside. Everyone has the taste of sand and copper in their mouths, and every piece of clothing and bag has sand in it.

You have returned to Pavis in secret. Will's conversation with Governor Raus happens, and everyone sees the surprise on the Governor's face when he realizes Will is serious about just letting him go.

Broosta takes Will's arm and leans in toward his ear. "We are alive against all expectation, and that is due to you, Champion. Thanks and celebration are due, but also, before we give up the opportunity, let us think carefully about whether we want the occupation and even the populace to know that we survived. I don't mean to say I know for sure we should remain in secret, but we should think hard about it."

Through the massive walls of the Rass Tower, you can feel the storm beating outside. The scent of sand and copper is still with you here. And though there is a moment of quiet after Broosta's whisper, you all hear the wind howling.

Also, everyone gets 5 points. Will and Oshun may take a relationship to Raus or Daine, his bodyguard. Senech may raise whatever Affinity he used to break the posts by a point. Oshun must lower his relationship to whatever group made up the eaten riders by a point. Senech gets 2 more points and Will gets 5 more points.

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"Duke Raus, Governor General."

"Just as I swore, by the stones, that as Champion of Pavis, I would have peace and cooperation between our families, so too would I hear you swear by your named ancestors and your unnamed descendants that you will not oppose the rebuilding of this City of Pavis. For truly, isn't it one of the things that we all want?"

After the Duke voices his oath (or not), Will turns to Broosta and says, "Learned Daughter, I agree with you, but with the approaching storm, we may not be able to keep our survival from the Dragaon's maw secret much longer."

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