Protection from Jaldon Spirits

Oshun remembers every Zebra Tribe elder had a story of where they were when Jaldon Toothmaker defeated the Zebra Tribe army to lay siege to Pavis. Many of those stories detail how the story teller was away on this Bison raid or that Spirit quest, or for sure they would have let their blood soak Pavic soil before allowing that terrible blow. Uncle Key-Yath's story always stood out.

At the personal request of King Yanas Kyrem, Uncle Key-key (as his nieces and nephews called him) was sent off to meet a band of Nomadic Pentan Horse Riders to ask for assistance. Uncle Key-key (as he would tell you often) was the Zebra Tribe's fastest rider. Even faster than Short-Saddle Khan himself. The King requested Uncle Key-key deliver a message to the Khan of the Nomadic Pentans. The message was a request for aid against this new mad Animal Nomad, Jaldon toothmaker. The Nomadic Pentans had spread word of a deranged Bison raider who had come from out of the Tunneled Hills, down from the Plateau of Statues screaming crazed words of shiny sparkling God's teeth. The Nomadic Pentans having spent years near the tunneled hills knew when one touched by the Plateau's power would become worrisome. They had called upon spirits and ancestors, shamans and old lore, to create spells and charms to protect themselves from this madmen's magic.

Uncle Key-Key never got to deliver the message. A roving band of scorpion men assailed them in the wastes just before they reached the Tunneled Hills. Many Zebra braves were killed and if it weren't for Uncle slaying 3 scorpion men with one FlameSpirit Arrow, they would have all been lost. Uncle was forced to retreat back to the Zebra Tribe in defeat. To this day many believe King Yanas Kyrem was oblivious to mad Jaldon Toothmaker's power, but Uncle doth protest mightily.

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Do you mean Joraz? The Founder?

How did I miss this?

Thought I subscribed to the thread. anyways...

No, I did intend Yanas. From the arrowsmith dynasty. Doing recommended research it said he was the King of Pavis who was blind to the rise of jaldon. I just added some side flavor by a backstory that he actually did recognize the rising power of jaldon.

Also known as Yanas
Son of Jhendros
Born in 875 ST
Became King of Pavis and Khan of the Pure Horse Tribe in 902 ST
In 920 ST, he invited Labrygon to Pavis and gave him the Dragon Hill and surrounding lands to build the Puzzle Canal
He studied draconic wisdom.
He was blind to the rising power of Jaldon, defeating him in 924 ST
He was killed in battle against Jaldon in 927 ST


So around what year does the Uncle Key-key story take place)?
925 ST?

I would say 923ST

One year before his victory over Jaldon I'd say.


I'll go with that in my timeline.

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