Online stuff

Who is up for some online play by forum stuff?

Speth has something solo I could run. And there's some other stuff for the other players that doesn't have to happen face to face.

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I'm in.

Never summon anything bigger than your head.

Unfinished Hero Quest

There is Speth's vengeance quest into the Plains of Prax and the Waste with her Praxian guides, Mubgri Hoofbeat, a High Llama Rider of the Waha Praxian Tradition and Brian's character (a shaman?).
In late spring they set out past nomad tents set up at the Scrith & East Branch Rivers. That camp is of zebra riding Indagos, who stay clear of Lunars while still resisting them as much as possible.

Speth's "Path to Vengeance" reveals a route, so Speth and her escorts skirt the Krajolk bog to the copper sands southern loop of the Scrith River for a week. Based on signs and trails, they suspect a variety of other travelers have already passed this way on foot. For example, on Earth Day there are signs, but on Winds Day the trio does not come upon them. What's creepy is that the heroes pass these other travelers without ever seeing them.

Beginning the second week takes a day of preparation, hauling water up from the valley and avoiding pitfalls along the way. Some water is so poisonous from occasional rains that the beasts won't eat those plants which grow from that water in this post apocalyptic wasteland where the forces of Krajolk scoured the Garden of Genert. With temperatures in the 90's, the wind is hot and scouring in higher elevations and hot and stultifying at lower elevations. A destructive Storm Bull wind forces the travelers to hole up for a day before venturing out to follow the scent of clean water and eventually coming upon a tiny, mostly hidden, camp. Mubgri doesn't recognize this oasis. When a camper peeks out from beneath a cloth tent Mubgri says, "Groundman, Mubgri of the Longneck Clan..."at that point, Mubgri realizes that this camper has sounded an alarm. Lore of the land plus the presence of spirits show that Oasis Folk, bearing tree branches, are attempting to curse the heroes.

Gush One-Damn-Ear says, "Mataro is below. Are you his death?" Immediately, Speth says, "Yes" and for a little while confusion reigns as the ward grows strong and the shaman sees ghost trees because the Spirit World is immanent. Even the flowers have eyes. A ghost tree says, "I am Greenscale and this is my place. I guard the gate from sunset."

The heroes spot a party of impala riders approaching, but then they leave quickly because they don't want to get caught up in this ritual. Suddenly petrified acorns rain down on the trio and some land in Mubgri's shirt after rolling off of his helmet. Some hit with such force they even get stuck in his helmet. All the while the smell of water makes the nomad men feel happy. Flowers grow thorns and water becomes blood where Speth's axe touches. A path opens up into a clearing where a line of ghost treemen, who have released their fetishes, are working magic to keep their fetishes. Each stands on a rock or a beast. They are linked and each is as powerful as a Kahn. There are Serpent Dancers, Sunset Warriors, Three Feathered Rivals and other traditions represented here. The Ceremony becomes "edgy" due to Speth's death and vengeance runes plus the blood that's in the water. Great ancestors greet Gush One-Damn-Ear. Some are so ancient, they precede the time of Waha and beasts. One of them guides Gush, after giving him an acorn tattoo, so Mubgri reaches into his helmet, retrieves a petrified acorn and gives it to Gush who gives the growing (and now giant) acorn to his ancestor who in turn, takes it and leaves.

Speth's path is blocked by a fruit laden spirit tree. She cleaves the fruit that had blocked her way. Blood flows out and all the fruit falls from the ghost tree. Then the Spirit World enfolds the heroes, revealing a spirit war camp in a quiet but dangerous part of the God's War. There is a pallet made of rock plus wood and cloth. There are warriors ranging from 3 feet to 30 feet in height, all going about their business.

In their midst is a tattoo covered old man bound up with hundreds of spirits. He sits on a blanket that has a pattern of big red fruit which are sliced in half. He says, "I am here to learn from you. Bring me water for I am parched" Mubgri gives Speth his waterskin which is miraculously full. Speth pours water from it into the old man's golden chalice.

"I am Mataro and I am learning things from you." he says.
Speth replies, "No, you're not" and proceeds to cleave his head from his body because Mataro must not learn the secret or else the Oasis people gain power over Babeester Gor, Speth's goddess of vengeance.

After Speth takes his head, the heroes leave the Spirit World and arrive back at the oasis where they fill their water skins while hearing the oasis people standing up for themselves against Waha beast riders (but not Babeester Gor). Their uppity attitude rankles Mubgri and his hackles start to rise as he feels himself becoming berserk from having tasted Speth's blood beer over a week ago. His rage is assuaged as Speth and the Shaman coax him from that oasis and back onto the path of vengeance to follow the way of the axe maiden's revenge. When he settles down and is back to normal Mubgri thinks to himself, "At least I got these old dried acorns and a full waterskin from those disrespectful oasis folk."

Now I know how you guys often feel!

Can't say I recall much of that and need to check my notes about the events!


From my notes.
No liberties, except the final thought that Mubgri has at the end of the write-up.

Beneath a darkening sky

Speth and Mubgri are both a bit disoriented still after exiting the spirit world. Was this flock of ravens cawing among the cliffs here when you approached the oasis? Has the wind picked up that much in the time you were in the other world?

Juto and other Oasis People who seem to defer to him offer you water, food, and carpets to sit on next to the water. You smell food cooking from a nearby fire where three women cook and watch their children at the same time. A small boy climbs a date palm while his little sister peels tubers for the pot. Another little girl stares in fascination at Speth, her half-finished woven grass ring forgotten in her lap.

Juto insists "Please, we offer the hospitality of our people, so come rest and eat. We can see, can see, yes, that you follow some dread path with all speed. Be still please, please, you have taken part in a great magic, and we are in your debt. Hospitality and more we owe you."

As he speaks, you both notice Oasis People here now walk more upright, and many more of them openly carry spears that are clearly not hunting spears.

It is late in the afternoon. The wind out of the west is rising, suggesting to Mubgri a sand storm may be coming, and that's something dangerous to be out in. Do you take the invitation at the risk of falling behind the trail, or head out into the wind?


"Vengeful Mistress, the waxing west wind warns of a possible sand storm approaching. It is dangerous to be caught out in the open during such a maelstrom. However, I can only advise you to accept Oasis hospitality, as it may become a more rare event in the future and is certainly haven from the impending harsh weather. Either way, where and when you go, I will always do my best to guide you."

We will rest, but only as

We will rest, but only as long as the storm lasts. Then we must pick up the trail again. Anything these people offer we will take, as long as it does not add unnecessary delay. We will make no promises. And we will not speak of our quest. The hills have ears I have heard.

Never summon anything bigger than your head.

Gush One-Damn-ear

I was enthralled in the story so I forget to clarify that Gush One-Damn-Ear is the name of my Praxian shaman character.

Forgot you were there too!

Ok, so no, it isn't Gush who's talking as an Oasis person. It's Juto.

What tribe/people is Gush from?

Gush One-Damn-ear

Gush is of the High Llama tribe. He has high Llama Waha magic keyword 17W2. BUT...his goal is to raise up the extinct Tusker Boar tribe

Juto thanks you. "Great good!

Juto thanks you. "Great good! Now we host as we should. Sable braves took all the date wine and koumiss, but have food cooking and clean water."

The Oasis folk lay out a very simple meal for you, served on woven mats. Much different from your trail rations of dried meat and cheese, and a welcome change. Juto makes small talk, asking whether you know if the Sable Tribe is still taking all the best graze along the river, and seems to know where most of the other Tribes are at the moment. It's as if he's looking to confirm what he already knows. He obviously knows who and what Speth is, offering most deference to her, and barely addressing Gush or Mobgri. Juto also hints several times as you eat that "there's a special treat after the meal."

Do you share what you know freely?

Of course not. Speth was

Of course not.

Speth was never a great conversationalist. However, she is well versed enough in Prax customs so that she is not rude, but still says little and answers questions with little more that a 'yes', 'no', or 'I have no idea, ask my guide'. At no time does she reveal what tribe/clan we are looking for, and Gush and Mobgri are 'encouraged' to do the same.

Never summon anything bigger than your head.

After dinner

Lightning snaps through the stormy sky once, twice.

The meal concludes. Many of the Oasis People have gathered around at a respectful distance as you ate, settling in and eating their own dinners on the ground and in the wind. Sand has started to be carried on the air. Oasis people pull cloaks around them, and wrap their heads against the sand.

Juto says "The angry bull of wind make us move into Earth for shelter. Please again, it isn't far, join us for your comfort. Also, there we share another gift of thanks."

A procession of all the Oasis people starts, heading into a rocky gully just off the river. Mothers lead their children by hand, young boys whistle for the dogs. Spear-carrying men stand along the edges of the procession, chanting to spirits, asking protection from the storm.

Do you follow Juto and company?

Following Speth's Lead

What little Mubgri knows of the other tribes' locations, he will confirm.
He will not mention their quest to find a member of White Bull's cult.
If Speth takes shelter from the desert winds then Mubgri will also.

My spider sense is tingling.

My spider sense is tingling. What can Speth or the others do to determine the 'true motives' of the offer of shelter and gifts? Are they genuine in the offer, or is there an ulterior motive? Can we respectfully decline due to our great haste? How do we normally take shelter from the storms?

Never summon anything bigger than your head.

What CAN you do?

I don't know! What skills will you bring to bear on the question?

Speth does know that barring hidden magic, there's no one here who poses any real threat with weapons. Not really anyone who poses a threat en masse, even.


"Mistress, you seem uneasy to stay with these Oasis Folk any longer, though you should not be afraid of them for I think they are afraid of you.
Is there something else that concerns you? If so, your need to resume the journey is excuse enough to leave, but the path will be treacherous."


Speth finds it easy to dismiss these people as a threat. Still, she hesitates. Juto joins the procession, seemingly expecting you to follow. When he does, the Oasis people start to sing. Many of the words are hard to translate due to their odd accent and the rising wind, but it goes something like this.


How about some motion on this.

Or do you think you've said "OK, I'll join the procession."?


secretly hopes Speth will accept the Oasis Folk's invitation, but won't say it because Nomads are supposed to distain the comfort that soft people enjoy.
Even so, Mubgri knows that the Oasis people aren't soft, just weak, although these oasis people seem to have more strength than usual & that's curious.


Most of the time people almost go out of their way to get Speth out of the hair as quickly (and politely) as possible. Speth has had bad experiences in the past with overly friendly people who are are low on the totem pole. In most cases they want something from Speth to help make them stronger. Or worse they tried to use crazy magic to sacrifice Speth in order to make them stronger.

I'm assuming the wind is howling and the ravine is the best place to shelter from the storm, correct?

I tell my guide Mugbri to 'proceed me and stand in my place. Make up some excuse about Babeestor Gor are forbidden to accept gifts during a sandstorm or some to such story. But I am not to be included."

I enter the ravine but not to participate in whatever the heck is going to happen. Just to get out of the sand storm that is started to sting in uncomfortable places.

Never summon anything bigger than your head.

Mubgri says,

"Juto, the Axe-Maiden accepts shelter from Storm Bull's wind with you and the people of this oasis. She asked me to stand in her place while she prays to Babeester Gor that nothing else prevents her from carrying out vengeance."

One more step.

The procession heads down, but then turns at a rock and behind it, many start entering a hole in the ground. Others proceed to another crack between rocks. Several oasis people at both entrances quickly lash reeds and sticks together, while others chant over those lashings, working magic.

Do you enter, or stay outside? The wind is hardly lessened in the ravine. "Please yes, these will hide us from what comes." Juto says, gesturing at the bundles of lashed twigs and sticks, now hanging with fetishes and magic marks.


tries to remember what he was told about protection from windstorms (Praxian Lore) and asks, "How will reeds and sticks protect us from mighty Orlanth?" (Weirdly Curious)

Mubgri knows

It only takes a passing familiarity to recognize that the sticks and reeds are being made into a fetish. "Several oasis people at both entrances quickly lash reeds and sticks together, while others chant over those lashings, working magic."

The Oasis Folk intend to rely on their weak loser magic to protect them.

Mubgri's Magic

"Here now, give me some of those sticks and reeds!" (Oppress Oasis Folk 8W)
"I'll make fetishes to protect us from the windstorm." (Resist Enemy Magic 2W augmented by Withstand Damage 16)
Mubgri also casts endure Resist Elements (15) upon himself and offers to do the same for the Shaman.
Can Speth's +2 Praxian Survival augment be used in this instance? How about his own +3 Praxian Survival?

As Mubgri weaves the reeds and sticks into a Waha rune of protection he calls on his God:
"Waha, Son of Storm Bull, protector of riding men, shield me and my Llama from these encroaching winds!"

Stupid ravine

Can Mubgri's magic protect us from the storm within the ravine without the help of the Oasis people? Speth can use 'Shield the earth'.

But Speth actively resists any attempts by the Oasis people to draw her magically into any ritual. No gifts allowed, no treats. Just shelter from the storm is all Speth wants.

Never summon anything bigger than your head.

So Mubgri takes over one of

So Mubgri takes over one of the attempts to shield the entryway, and Speth attempts to shield herself alone?

To Be Clear

Mubgri attempts to protect himself and his Llama with the spells he cast at the levels previously indicated.
He also offers to cast resist elements on the shaman (Brian's guy) hoping that the gift will be reciprocated.
Mubgri does not presume to be more capable of protecting the Axe Maiden than she is of doing it herself.
As for taking over an attempt to protect an entryway, if he is the last one in, then, yes. He will be the guard.
Mubgri can use his Praxian skill of Guard Camp (10W) to defend that and Speth can shield that other one.

"Here now, give me some of those sticks and reeds!" (Oppress Oasis Folk 8W)
"I'll make fetishes to protect us from the windstorm." (Resist Enemy Magic 2W augmented by Withstand Damage 16)
Mubgri also casts endure Resist Elements (15) upon himself and offers to do the same for the Shaman.
Can Speth's +2 Praxian Survival augment be used in this instance? How about his own +3 Praxian Survival?

As Mubgri weaves the reeds and sticks into a Waha rune of protection he calls on his God:
"Waha, Son of Storm Bull, protector of riding men, shield me and my Llama from these encroaching winds!"


I'm sorry Mike, I'm not following. Speth can't stand inside the hole out of the storm without being involved in a oasis ritual? Speth doesn't believe these folk have anything worthwhile to offer her, and nothing to lose by forcibly enlisting her aid.

If Speth can't physically get out of the storm without involving herself in a ritual then she grabs Mubgri and Desh, puts their backs to the wall of the ravine and weave our own protection magic.

Never summon anything bigger than your head.

not much of a ritual

There's nothing here that really rises to the level of ritual as far as Speth can see. People are getting in clefts and holes, and spirit magicians are calling on spirits to protect those places from the storm.


Is there anything that still needs to be resolved from this journey?
Or does it simply end with Speth vs Gray Saddle in a sand storm?

Thinking (Originally Submitted by gamer on Wed 01/04/2017-22:57)

I moved this info over to Online stuff so Next Game can be cleared. Thinking about 12/27 -12/29.
Until then, hoping to spend a week in Pavis riding a Hippogriff and marrying two more Elven brides.
Dragon Spine Growth (Hippogriff) and Deep Root Willow (Purified Waters Below)

The plan is to ride a Hippogriff by training on the two stuffed bodies which were retrieved from the Affengang. Their parts are magical, so Will I Am wants to ritually prepare for riding a live one. From reading the documents found in the Pavis Temple's Hippogriff statue, Will learned the theory of being the first person a hatchling sees, saddling up and riding. There are no ratings for the bodies, the documents or for the saddle.
1) Use the infinity rune (18) to understand the magic of the preserved Hippogriffs as much as he can in the way that Ruby of Twilight studied a flower.
2) As a devotee of Pavis (17W2) he wants to re-enact his Lord's riding of a Hippogriff augmented by his Pavis Mythology (10W).
3) Cast "Quote Pavis Wisdom" on himself saying "To remember is to understand" in order to know that this is how Pavis did it.
4) Use the infinity rune (18) to understand the magic of an unhatched Hippogriff as much as he can in the way that Ruby of Twilight studied a flower.
5) If the unhatched Hippogriff is intelligent, he will even go so far, as to speak to it, through its shell. Speak Language (14W) "Brother, we will fly through the sky above and around Pavis' City. We will also show each other the world."
5a) Should it's parents object, Will evokes peaceful feelings (17W2) augmented by a gentle tapping on the Drum of Dark Harmony (10W) and talks with them, if possible. Speak Language (14W) "Your child is destined for greatness!"

Does all that sound like Plan at 17? I'll spend a hero point to start that skill for Will I Am.

Mike - You never responded to this, but it is the game plan to which I referred at our most recent meeting on Monday 6/12/2017.

Not only is the next 24 hours in Pavis about this Hippogriff ride and a double elven wedding, but about enlisting Aldryami plus Uz and Mostali support vs. Lunar tower consecration ceremony.
There might not be time for a visit to Arlatin, but it is also on the "to-do" list.

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