Most of the info here relates to Mike's game, called "The Rass Game" after the family all the characters belong to, or "The Pavis Campaign" after the ancient, mostly ruined, perhaps resurgent desert city they live in. The game is a story now more than a decade old, following the Rass family from its dissolute past, fractured by one brother's scorn of the ancestors, to its dangerous, promising future as the leaders of the city. Along the way the newest members of the house have proven themselves by restoring their father to life, through great deeds in the Other Side and in battles both physical and magical.
In recognition of these victories, Will I Am, a strange proto-man who is at once all races and both sexes, has been recognized by the city priesthood as the Champion of Pavis.

And then sometimes we play pirates or the ignorant thanes of a backwoods clan mostly interested in stealing the neighbors' cattle.

Examples of Play help define the Game (duh.)

Mo at Sin Aesthetics has some sharp observations about the writing of examples of play in a rules book. Here's an excerpt: need to examine the examples you're presenting not only for their effectiveness in communicating the process of your game, but also for the social milieu they illustrate your game as encouraging. Because your play examples are the Example of Play you should be acutely aware of the fact that you are setting the expectations of beheaviour in your game. If, for example, you include player banter to give it a sense of realistic colour and that banter includes one player dismissing another player's ideas, you need to be aware that you as the creater of the game have said that it's not just allowable to do so in your game, but that it's par for the course. That milieu might be your intent, or it might not. My point is that you need to be aware of what your examples do to the subtext of your game.

Lastly, I think it needs to be said that just like there are people out there that wouldn't read a play example if you tied them down to a Bond villain device to make them capitulate, there are people who will only ever read your play examples. I know people who read the back cover of a book to get the jist of the game's theme or context and then open the book to go right to a play example to see if it's the kind of game they'd like to play. Many of these people make purchasing decisions about your game based on that experience alone, and if they are turned off by what they see, they may never give your game a second chance again.

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Pimps, Preachers and Pit Vipers

The objective of the Dorkath game is to provide an alternate setting when we lack a quorum in the regular campaign. As such, it must be fast paced, episodic and easily picked up.   

Our Heroes

Current Events in Dorkath    

A noble landholder and Patriarch of Vilavandesh's Amber Mountain Hawk League tours the Satrapy, with court and attendants. Rumors fly about them being forward spies of an invasion from Alkoth.   

Cooperative Quest Creation

I've set up the Pavis Defeats Thog heroquest as a "book" on this site. Anyone with a membership to the site can log in and alter the text. The quest needs lots of fleshing out, so have at! If you aren't comfortable with adding formatting, then just add the straight text and I'll format it.

Any member is welcome to add their own quest outline here, for others to help flesh out.

The Site is Done (more or less)

I found a theme I like and have made it the default.

Everything seems to be working.

So now, dear users, please tell me if:

    There's something that doesn't work the way you want
    There's something that you want that doesn't exist
    There's something that exists that you don't want
    Something seems really ugly

Big Varu's Story

My name is Big Varu. I am a shield thane of the Westhill Clan of the Emarjela tribe. Knock knock Shield Knockers! Westhill lands are all over the southern hills of the Skyreach mountains. We raise cattle and sheep and plant oats and some wheat in the lower valleys.  Some people say I'm not smart enough to be a thane, but I know that the grandmothers always trust my word and that no one ever hurt a child of our clan while I'm around.  Pony the Horse is my bestest friend in the whole world. You'll see why as I tell my story.  As you can see, I'm a big strong guy, blessed by Voganth.

Post your game logs

One of the best ways I can imagine to use this site is for players to post their game diaries in their blogs.

This is really easy, and made easier with a variety of tools out there called "blog clients." Here's an explanation and a list of clients. This list only refers to WordPress, but most of these work with Drupal too, which is what runs this site. Here is some Drupal-specific info.

I post with ecto, a very nice but not free blog client.

w.bloggar is free.
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I built this site so that lots of people can contribute to it without me having to act as a "gatekeeper" who posts everything others send me.

Is this system complicated? I don't think so. Adding something to your blog is pretty easy, just a web form.

But in case someone out there with a story to tell is confused by all this stuff, here's a video demo of how the Drupal system works.

So watch that and then post something already!

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