Most of the info here relates to Mike's game, called "The Rass Game" after the family all the characters belong to, or "The Pavis Campaign" after the ancient, mostly ruined, perhaps resurgent desert city they live in. The game is a story now more than a decade old, following the Rass family from its dissolute past, fractured by one brother's scorn of the ancestors, to its dangerous, promising future as the leaders of the city. Along the way the newest members of the house have proven themselves by restoring their father to life, through great deeds in the Other Side and in battles both physical and magical.
In recognition of these victories, Will I Am, a strange proto-man who is at once all races and both sexes, has been recognized by the city priesthood as the Champion of Pavis.

And then sometimes we play pirates or the ignorant thanes of a backwoods clan mostly interested in stealing the neighbors' cattle.

Just Another Day in the Green Age

Turning to Chaos

This sort of thinking leads people to worship forbidden gods and powers:

I couldn't possibly write something that would reflect the true depths of my aversion to everything that exists. As far as putting words into other people's mouths, as if what seems true to me is what is really true, this is just a commonly used device in writing personal essays. Everyone preaches to the converted. If I didn't believe my thoughts were superior to and truer than the thoughts of people who disagree with me, then I would think something else.

And later, about his book:

Its readers not only haven't liked what it says, they also don't like that someone they know and to whom they feel otherwise well-disposed could write such a book. It's disturbing, as if you found out your best friend was a serial killer who liked to eat the brains of toddlers. The essay is essentially about how humans can't handle unpleasant realities and what those realities are. But we're predisposed not to think about those things in a way that will affect how we live, or to think about them at all in most cases.

King Broyan's Largess

After the battle, after the feast, after the raiding of the supply train, everyone is happy, many are drunk, all are well fed for the first time in months. Word passes first to you informally, then one of Broyan's thanes comes personally to Will's entourage and formally speaks in pretty good Pavic:

"I ask Issaries to bless this speech, Heort to guide my words to pass truly to you. I am Hjarlort Running Spear, Spearthane of King Broyan of Heortland, Tricker of Whitewall, Master of the Battle of Iceland, Last Free King of the Orlanthi. I killed a Bat Priest on the Bat's back, stood an hour in the Howling Winds at the Second False Breach of Whitewall, I helped bring the Messenger Deer, I carry the claws of two Black Leopard Men, and I killed four Tarshmen whose axes would have reached my King, here at Iceland."

"Under Orlanth's breath, at midnight, my King asks you to come stand before him for the King's Gifting. He accords you, Will I Am Redburner, Champion of Pavis, the status of Tribal King in the gifting and calls you the Champion of that city tribe called Pavis.

"Oshun Firecharge of the Zebra People, King Broyan accords you the status of Clan Chief under Will I Am.

"Axe Maiden Speth Generalsdoom, King Broyan accords you the standard of the general and such parts as your cult demands, and further calls you a Hero of the Battle of Iceland.

"Here is my tradethane Sora Wagonbreaker, to speak with your tradethane as is customary. I thank you on behalf of the Master of the Battle of Iceland and the Iron Ring of Sartar, and promise to return your words to my King correctly if you have message for him prior to the gifting tonight."

Oshun's Issaries knows his role here: to explain your preferences in loot to Sora, so that gifts appropriate to you may be awarded. Likely the king will make some special gifts separate from the requests you make as well.

Here you should decide what things are of most interest to you, and also if there is anything you may want that is unlikely to be of use to others. Things like very large shields, (not used in Sartar, but popular in Pavis) or grimoires.

Things most prized by most:

Lunar-Stolen Clan/Tribal relics (Broyan will not give you the Black Spear of the Colymar Tribe, for example)
Iron (which is always magical 99% of the time)
Non-hostile magic

Items of obvious imperial or Lunar make are less popular than more generic ones, even if less finely made than the imperial ones. Lunar style weapons claimed by Sartarites will always be reworked by smiths for example.

Notable, obvious and unique things:
Two injured but probably not dying, extremely hostile Bronze War Horses.
Four fine war horses with Imperial kit.
Several wagons with teams. (Broyan's army is not moving on roads)
Each of you may suggest two other unique and obvious things that are in the loot pile.

Martial Arts Feat Example

Some player characters come up with really, really peculiar ideas for feats.


Voria's Blessing: The World Remade in HQ2 terms

Here is the start about the transition of characters to HQ2.

Humans need to choose an Elemental Rune for your soul, a dominant Power Rune for your Temperament, and an affinity to a second Power rune or condition rune.

Elements: Darkness, Water, Earth, Fire, Air.

Powers: Life/Death, Truth/Illusion, Harmony/Discord, Movement/Stasis

Conditions: Mastery, Magic, Communication, Spirit, Sorcery, Beast (type),

Here are some suggestions, JUST suggestions, on what might work best for the human characters.

Speth: Earth, Death, Death.

Will: Earth, Stasis (which is also Stone), Life. Or maybe Man instead of Stasis?

Oshun: Fire, Zebra, Movement.

Senech: Air, Discord, Magic.

My first thought about Rasa is that it is made up of Stone and Sorcery. Arguably Life.

These runes need ratings, and are used in your magic. They are the source of your magic. You may have other runes from cult affiliations (and most will) but for example, Speth's Death Rune will be equal to her highest Affinity in HQ1, probably Axe Berserk.

More coming. Wise to subscribe to this page!

The Revelation!



Check this out for examples of how to plan without actually going through the planning.

Oshun's Dream

Large picture below the break.

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