Most of the info here relates to Mike's game, called "The Rass Game" after the family all the characters belong to, or "The Pavis Campaign" after the ancient, mostly ruined, perhaps resurgent desert city they live in. The game is a story now more than a decade old, following the Rass family from its dissolute past, fractured by one brother's scorn of the ancestors, to its dangerous, promising future as the leaders of the city. Along the way the newest members of the house have proven themselves by restoring their father to life, through great deeds in the Other Side and in battles both physical and magical.
In recognition of these victories, Will I Am, a strange proto-man who is at once all races and both sexes, has been recognized by the city priesthood as the Champion of Pavis.

And then sometimes we play pirates or the ignorant thanes of a backwoods clan mostly interested in stealing the neighbors' cattle.

Of no particular import about Pavis

There are ten Commissioners for Repairs of Temples, elected by lot, who receive a sum of thirty Guilders from the Receivers-General, and therewith carry out the most necessary repairs in the temples.

There are also by tradition ten City Commissioners (Astynomi), of whom five hold office in the new and five in the Old city. Their duty is to see that masons are not hired at more than two lunars, and if more than one person is anxious to hire the same one, they cast lots and hire her out to the person to whom the lot falls. They also provide that no collector of sewage shall shoot any of his sewage within ten stradia of the walls; they prevent people from blocking up the streets by building, or stretching barriers across them, or making drain-pipes in mid-air with a discharge into the street, or having doors which open outwards; they also remove the corpses of those who die in the streets, for which purpose under the Lunars they have a body of state slaves assigned to them.

Surviving Houses of the Old City of Pavis

Noted Zebra breeders who were stridently anti-Lunar. They've lost much of their prestige therefore. Nevertheless, they control a large breeding herd and are important in the Old City.

These are the clan dealt with in the past, whose members form much of the membership of the cult of Joraz Kyrem. Oshun has gone to them for support in the past. Though they are not Zebra tribesmen as such, they sometimes marry into or out of that tribe.

Barlo's clan. Poor but noble, though not an ancient house. Dominated by Orlanth worshippers, so out of favor with the Lunars.

Keepers of the Brown Diggers, magical animated statues.

Sartarite settlers from the time of Dorasar, with extensive valley land holdings. Culturally Heortling


One of the Great Families, holding massive farmlands outside of the City and known for raising fine cavalry zebras as well as equipping a large cavalry guard to keep nomad raiders out of their land.

Pavis, the Second Age

Here's a preview of a product about Pavis in the 2nd Age.

Rasa is free to print this out and refer to it at any time. I reserve the right to revise any info.

Jon should read it and may draw on any of it as lore.

Pavis Rising

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A typical day for Senech

Note the use of the "fight crazy" skill.

Hedkoranth is Angered

Home and a Greeting

A shortish game, with some character sheet work.

Will and his entourage entered the Old City through the Griffin Gate. They kicked ice away from the path where it had built up. Much to their surprise, Will's arrival attracted a crowd who needed protection. This need forced Hargran the Dirty to send a Pavis Royal Guard patrol as escort, since he otherwise risked having 30-40 New City residents going missing in the huntlands.

The Champion and his crew made it to Rass Manor, where they found everyone safe, with the possible exception of one missing person. They also discovered brother Cam, miraculously returned from a long quest and last reported accompanying the Cradle out to sea.

With Cam still unconscious, Will turned his attention to the city and its need. Received with pomp at the New Pavis temple, he spilled his blood on the altar of Pavis and, in answer, a hot wind blew. All across the city ice groaned, cracked and started to melt.

Better watch out

The new PBS series Sherlock is surprisingly inspirational for a game session.

"I"d love to go out and spend the evening wrestling Chinese gangsters, but a girl can get too much..."

My favorite poster

This is what every Sartarite thinks

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