Most of the info here relates to Mike's game, called "The Rass Game" after the family all the characters belong to, or "The Pavis Campaign" after the ancient, mostly ruined, perhaps resurgent desert city they live in. The game is a story now more than a decade old, following the Rass family from its dissolute past, fractured by one brother's scorn of the ancestors, to its dangerous, promising future as the leaders of the city. Along the way the newest members of the house have proven themselves by restoring their father to life, through great deeds in the Other Side and in battles both physical and magical.
In recognition of these victories, Will I Am, a strange proto-man who is at once all races and both sexes, has been recognized by the city priesthood as the Champion of Pavis.

And then sometimes we play pirates or the ignorant thanes of a backwoods clan mostly interested in stealing the neighbors' cattle.

The Bad Dogs Destroy Pavis

Storms Coming

Here's a High Llama


A Gor goes Guardian Calling

Throwing out some skills for the Champions's Hall Guardian that the Gor Goddess (gerendeeta?) will get for us. From what was discussed I didn't gather that skills needed to be based on the gifts sacrificed.


Find Spy
Spot Jaldonite
See enemy plans

Enhance Pavic Magic Attack
Disrupt enemy defense
Slash of Balastor

Form Wall
Trap Attacker
Hide in dirt

Seaborn's Buddy

"T. saurophagis, seen in an artist's illustration, was at least 28 feet (8.6 meters) long."

Storm Bull Comes A Visiting

"Fundamentally, a Gentle Act"

Perspective on life in the tula, and the attitude of a REALLY typical Ernaldan--not any fancy adventurous type, but the majority Steadwife follower of Orane.

Also, Varu wants to marry this woman.

They aren't presents

Looking at you

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