The Hungry Sheep Hollow Clan

As a setting for testing HQ2 in fast and loose ways, I'm considering running a clan setting: the most backward, isolated, xenophobic, conservative Heortlings in Sartar: The Hungry Sheep Hollow clan.

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Hungry Sheep Hollow Clan Description

See this link for what these numbers mean.

The Hungry Sheep Hollow Clan are nominally part of the Amad tribe, with lands up a tributary of the Solflint River northeast of Amadhall in the Sheep of Luck Hills throughout Hungry Sheep Hollow, where the land rises up sharply near the Indigo Mountains.

Economic Speciality: Hunting
Temple: Orlanth Allfather, Thunderer
Shrine: Odayla The Hunter
Other Popular Gods: Voriof the Shepherd, Ernalda the Earth Mother
Tula Size: 250 hides
Land Use
Livestock: 42% (107 hides) (Almost entirely sheep.)
Grain 14% (35 hides)
Hunting: 42% (107 hides)
Population: 922
Weaponthanes: 14 (includes all PCs who fight)
Fyrd: 544
Goals: Prosperity(2) Justice(2) Conquest(2)
[ Peace(1) Learning(1) Anti-Lunar(1) ]
Values: Caution (5) Vengeance (1) Tradition(5)
Wealth Rating: 12
Threat Rating: 12
Morale Rating: 18
Magic Rating: 18
Thralls: No
Clan Type: Balanced
Lunar Relations: 11
Ancient Allies: Esrolians
Dragons: Negative Attitude
Recent: Trolls
Neighbors: Poachers
Summary of Clan History:
We remember back to when Orlanth formed the men into a fighting force to take advantage of the freedom of the Air.
We joined Orlanth after the Dawn, when we learned that he had saved the world, we abandoned our old gods, and worshipped Orlanth.
Our most important allies were the grandmothers of Esrolia, who overthrew Orlanth, but still revered Ernalda.
When Lokamayadon came, we pretended to go along with High Storm, and waited for a good time to rebel.
When Arkat came, we stayed on our lands.
Cursed Kubros the Traveler led our fyrd to destruction in the Dragonkill war. This taught us that new things are usually bad.
We decided to settle Dragon Pass because we were poor, and wanted to be rich.
Recently, our worst threat has been trolls, who hunt our hunters.
We chose to form a tribe with the other clans of the Amad because their war powers were the best.
We admired king Sartar because he performed many miracles.
When the Lunar missionaries first came, we drove them off.
Over the course of many years of fighting the Lunar Empire, we sent as few warriors as we could get away with.
When the Lunars won the war, we chose to bide our the time until a good day for rebellion came.
While there was no Orlanthi king on the throne, many clans fought each other. We tended to our sheep.
When Kallyr Starbrow sent emissaries for support of rebellion, we said it was not the time for rebellion.

The Clan Tula

Nicest place the clan owns.

Ignore that open land in the distance. There isn't any of that.

A more typical stead tucked into the wilds.

Around the fire in the Chief's hall.

On the western edge of the tula.

Edge of the clan lands, looking in and toward the Indigo Mountains to the east.

Winter by the Lake

Old God

Which Old God did your clan ancestor favor?
1. Acos, God of Stability
2. Larnste, God of Movement
3. Uleria, Goddess of Love
4. Kargan Tor god of conflict
5. Orenoar, Goddess of Truth
6. Tylenea, Goddess of Illusion
7. Harana Ilor, Goddess of Harmony
8. Ratslaff, God of Disorder

Discuss. Or just vote.

+1 for Acos

Acos knows this clan still thinks like it did a millenium ago, sounds like stability to me.


Jon says Acos too.


The Bright Emperor enslaved everyone and demanded absolute obedience from everything. But there was one force he could not control, and that was freedom. One little freedom became many, and they began to bring bigger freedoms. Finally, the Great Sky lay upon the Fertile Earth and begot Umath Ever-Changing, the First Storm, who would bring change to the Bright Emperor’s stagnant realm.
Gradually he gathered gods and men to his band and with their help reshaped the world.

When did your ancestors help Umath?
Separating the Sky and Earth from each other.

Earth, earth and more earth

Keeping with tradtion, +1 seperating the unstable, insubstantial Sky from the dependable, solid earth.

Marriage of Orlanth & Ernalda

Orlanth wooed the forces of Earth and after many tribulations, adventures, and discoveries the storm god proved himself worthy of marrying Great Ernalda, the Earth Queen. The two of them created the Marriage Oath and thereby established a great harmony in the world through this sacred bonding.
You, a loyal member of Orlanth’s army, were there at the wedding. When you went into the ceremony, you were asked which side you wished to stand on: the right (Air) or left (Earth) side.

Which side did your ancestors stand on?

Hungry Sheep Hollow clan poem

Keep your head out of the heavens
Keep your feet on the ground
Cause if you screw up in the air
its a long way down

Ancient Enemies

Who was your clan's enemy in the Vingkotling Age?

Venebain the Lighfore, leader of the Fire Tribe, heirs to the Evil Empire.

The Great Darkness

Which disaster nearly exterminated your clan?

When the sun fell from the sky.
When the sky rained burning blood.
When the plants became carnivorous.
The Great Fire.
The Laughing Waves.
The Chaos Gods.
When the sky fell down.
When the oceans burned away.
When there was no food.
When there was no air.
When there was no love.
When there was no fear.
On the Plain of Salt.
In the Great Winter Without End.
The New Volcanoes (the Vent and Black Glass)

Or some other thing you make up.

Chaos Foe

What was your clan’s specific Chaos Foe?

False Friends.
The Hydra.
The Thing with Many Bodies.

Or something else.

I hate Chaos

I'll never forgive the Left hand Claw of Wakboth for killing my mother and father. Oh, we were talking about the Hungry Sheep Hollow clan's chaos enemy?

Dragons are Chaos? I didn't know that.

Dragons & Chaos

Some were.

How did your clan survive the Great Darkness?

We hid inside Brastalos, the No Wind,
We strapped the bones of our dead fathers on our feet, and escaped from the monsters by skating on the ice.
We dug a hole in the ground and huddled inside, kept alive by the warmth of our sleeping kinsmen.
A star captain fell screaming from the sky, and his light led us safely through the Darkness.

Housesitting for the Trolls


When the trolls came to the top of the world to revel in the new darkness, we used the homes they vacated to survive that tragic time.

A long way down

The troll homes they vacated were in a place your clan calls Hell.

Still interested?

Ancient Ally

Once time began, who were you most closely allied to in the Dawn Age?

The elves, who taught you to call them Aldryami.
The Mostali, whom you had previously called dwarves.
The trolls, who now wanted you to call them Uz.
The nomads of Prax, who had always raided our lands, but who shared common deities and hatred of Chaos.
The dragonewts, who served the monstrous dragons in their unfathomable and alien ways, but feared Chaos as did you.

Ancient Ally


it amazes me how the truth of things in the Hungry Sheep Hollow clan is always made up of contrary parts. Our great lake spirit is in a forest. To acccept new methods they have to be based on the old ways. They claim the dragonewts as timeless allies, but you hardly see them. Except when they pilgrimage to the White Stone.

A typical reply

Dusorl the Drover says "Don't complain 'bout things you don't know, sword man. And shut up about the White Stone."

Is that Brian's vote for Dragonewts?

Dusorl the Dense

typical Kuthur, with a puzzled look on his face because he still doesn't realize how he's being tested: "Complain? Stating truth is complaining? you should really try to expand your thinking on...blah blah blah ad nauseum"

Yes, my vote is dragonewts.

Ancient Skates

Clan membership requirements?

If one is a Thane of a clan, do they have to have been 'initiated' into that clan and claim it as their own, or can someone like Kuthur, be a Humakti WeaponThane in the Hungry sheep hollows clan but still claim that his clan is the Brass Roots Clan of the Haven Tribe outside of Sun Dome county?


To be a thane of a clan, you have to become a member of the clan. This would give you access to the clan magics. However, you would lose access to the previous clan's magic.

Someone local remembers

The Tovtaros are near Hungry Sheep Hollow. This man's remembrance would be quite similar to those of the heroes.

An excellent exercise

If you follow the link that's in the previous post, you'll get the idea. I think it is great, and I'm going to try it with my two characters.

I invite you to do the same!

We tried this

Very good. I tried the "I remember" with Imarjon, but I do not remember who my Hungry Sheep Hollow character is. (I have some work to do there).

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