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This topic helps Mike , Jon, Brad, Brian, and Chris coordinate game sessions. Why not use email? Because one of us works somewhere that blocks email access, but allows web access. Yeah, that's wacky.

I archived the old sentimental posts. Now we have a clear, clean logistics forum. And wow, much easier for me to clear out the previous week's "I'll be there/what's for dinner" comments.

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Monday on Sunday


Let's try to get attendance straight on Sunday!

If we can get a tentative attendance by mid-day Sunday, I'll decide what's cooking so maybe--shock of shocks--you guys can get your contributions on Sunday instead of after work Monday. That should speed things up.

Seriously, that, just up there. Please give some thought to your Monday while you're relaxing on Sunday.


Still a couple of weeks away, but hoping to verify the usual logistics.
I finish work at 6:00, so I will have time to shop for dinner ingredients.
Rendezvous at our usual P&R by 6:30 pm and it's Chris' turn to drive.


I'm in.

Never summon anything bigger than your head.


Sorry guys, change in plans. I will not be able to make it on the 30th.

Never summon anything bigger than your head.


Ouch! That hurt. Feeling bad.
Going to take it out on Chaos!
What about Monday, May 7th?

may 7th

I can do may 7th if need be

In for 5/7

I'm in for 5/7

Never summon anything bigger than your head.

Me Three

As planned, I will finish work at 6:00 pm in order to meet up by 6:30.

i'm in... flynn. See guys at oilville at 630

Pizza and something

I've got one homemade pizza to go in the oven, but that's not enough.

Surprise me with whatever you find to add to it!


plus a surprise!

Tonight's plan? Any insights

Tonight's plan?

Any insights will help me prep a better game.

tonight's plan

Senech will try to see which stone warrior he can tip over and trigger a "domino run" with the rest.


Where did we leave off?

Never summon anything bigger than your head.

Homemade Pizza plus Ice Cream Cake!

I had a wonderful time, Mike.

Many thanks for making this one a fun birthday, after all.

I will keep everyone informed about the pool temperature, so that we can convene at the Tower.

The current temperature is still in the 60's F. Wishing everyone a happy and healthy month in the meanwhile!

Pool Time

The water temperature is in the 70's now. People are swimming in it.
How are Sundays: June 10th, 17th or 24th for a cook-out/pool party?

any of those should be fine

any of those should be fine for me.

78 Degrees

I swam in the pool for the first time last week and the temperature was 78 degrees.
It should be even warmer now, so I want to pick Sunday, June 24th, if that is alright.
Now that we have survived Memorial Day, I am looking forward to Monday, June 4th.
We can discuss cookout/pool party options at that night's game. See you there. Gamer


Ready if you are.

Done teaching at 6:00 and can meet by 6:30 at the usual spot.
I do believe that it's my turn to drive us "there and back again."

I'm in

oilville at 630


Dan's interview by Game Industry News:


Pork tenderloin and either defrosted paprikash or some sort of succotash for Jon. Corn for a side, probably.

Please do not bring mushrooms. If anyone knows a trick for getting sand off of lettuce, don't bring lettuce. (I bought a big head at the store, but it's sandy even after rinsing.)


See you in o-ville at 6:30.

Never summon anything bigger than your head.

Good To Go

I occasionally find dirt inside lettuces, particularly the loose-leafed varieties. Since my household is too small to eat a whole head of lettuce at once, I peel off leaves and wash them as needed. If some have more dirt than usua,l I have to give it a more vigorous manual wash, using my thumb to clear the grit from the stem area. The key is separating the leaves so you can get to all surfaces. If there is any visible sand in the soaking bowl, I'll go for another wash. Those salad spinners are supposed to be helpful, but I never tried one of them.

Spinach, OTOH, rarely comes clean in fewer than 5 changes of water, and often throws off enough dirt to start a small garden. I wonder how commercial spinach gets clean?

Really Busy

Trying to get ahead of schedule by posting on Thursday.

All aboard for the next game! 6/25 Brian's turn to drive.

Jumping ahead: July 2

It's sort of a holiday weekend. Are we on? I need to know ASAP because I otherwise have other things going on.

Game for June 25 and July 2

I'm in both days


I'm in for both days too.

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