My level of frustration over the game is

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All right--so last Monday the game went pretty well I thought, but I also got some feedback during it that concerns me.

On the one hand I've got a core of regular players who keep coming back even when I move a good distance away. That must be a sign that you, overall, are enjoying the game.

On the other hand, most or all of you have described some level of frustration at the way the game works--for lack of a better term I'll call it the "guess what Mike wants" syndrome.

I don't want you all to feel that you must play your characters the way I envision them. They are your heroes.

But the world has its ways, ways that are hard for individuals (even Heroes) to break out of. If you as players feel constrained by this, then that is probably matching the constraints that your Heroes feel.

So I guess I wonder what it is, as exactly as you can describe it, that you find frustrating about the game. I get the feeling that most of the time, I've overcome my biggest problem--that of pacing things too slowly.

I saw some signs that people are starting to "get" the ideas of ad libbing as they apply to myths and Affinities. That's good.

I would hope that your Heroes will take the lead in shaping the future of the campaign once this quest is done. You've already started that process by actually embarking on your course of string recovery. But there's much more dynamic potential out there. Think about who, how and what kind of quest you can research, prep, gain backing for and then inflict on one of your enemies!

The biggest reason you're having trouble on this quest is that you didn't have much prep or info for the Egret Warrior quest. But you knew that.

I'm going to start another thread to discuss creation of quests.



On a positive note, I have not thought this hard about a game since rocks were still speaking. As the new guy I have to say that one thing for me is getting used to you (again) as the narator.
My frustration comes from my lack of ability. I have to pretend to know as much as a 30 year old man who has lived in these worlds all his life. So alot has to be made up on the spot and I just don't have the experience to snap out an answer, quite yet.


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My 2 cents....

for me its always gonna start with Oshun frustration = Brian frustration. I want to be 'into' my character so much that I feel his pain (I know, I sound like a struggling actor - "yes...but what is my character's MOTIVATION?") especially when the pressure is on as it would be in a heroquest. I will say that I never feel there is a "guess what Mike wants" syndrome. A "what does Mike expect me to know" syndrome might be more like it. A good example of this was the mealy-mouthed answer I gave the spider woman. And of course you said yourself you weren't expecting that answer (cue mad scientest laughter). This has to be also mixed in with what I feel is a very bad trait of mine...the "I don't wanna screw it up for my compatriots" syndrome. You said it best when you mentioned playing it like a game of Paranoia. You will notice that alot of the talk last monday night was just where the heck we were in the myth and how we were all very conscious of not diverting from it.

Another example of the "what does Mike expect me know" syndrome was when the priestesses asked us who the greatest daughter/mother amongst them. I took that question to mean which of the herd mothers as a whole, throughout past and present, was the greatest herd mother. Not who literally amongst them present was the greatest. I was all ready to yell out 'the Egret mother!" so some frustration may just be in brain pathway/logic. But in the end, that just added spice to the story cause a hero did do a heroic thing and figure out that he would check amongst the priestess present to see who had given the most. I hope that makes sense.

Overall I thoroughly enjoy this game and wouldn't change anything...well...except I just can't get past the W for a Mastery rune :cry:


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Greetings All,
I am delighted to see the unanimity of votes for Mike's "almost as good as sex" Hero Quest Campaign. As for frustration - I can only speak about my own frustration when I designed a dungeonering Dwarf who mainly did other things for which the character was not designed (like riding a zebra).
However, even though William knows more than I do about Glorantha , I make up what I think is appropriate and ask Mike to inform me about the rest (depending on the roll). While Chris & Kirk are new, they can discover what I know, that there are always discoveries to me made. Thanks Mike.

My level of frustration over the game is

Okay, here's my take..sorry for the late response.

I am really enjoying our sessions. For me the storytelling is just amazing. I know it's good cause a buddy of mine at work always asks how the game went and I have fun relating our trials and travails to him.

Also, I feel like I'm finally fleshing out my character, but I still have alot to go.

My only frustration, and maybe it's more of question, is the times where I have no idea what my character would do in a given situation. Since I figure Speth would always have a pretty good idea what to do, or at least know what she's capable of, I have more trouble with Chris figuring out what to make Speth do.

I'm not too concerned with Speth doing something that, in the words of Brian, "screw it up for my compatriots" as long as Speth acts in a manner befiting her character. That's part of gaming and makes things interesting.

Is it just a matter of Speth using her magic or abilities or myths to find the correct answer (or path or choice etc) instead of Chris trying to guess (stab in the dark?) the answer myself?

Sorta like how Speth found the string on the statue?

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So it sounds like, from the poll, that most of us are pathetic game geeks. It also sounds like most of our frustration stems from our lack of knowledge of our own characters and the fact that we are meely-mouth. :wink: This is where I think the 100 word description should be added onto almost like a made up diary (this something Mike has said before, I think). For example;

day 63
Still in the dessert. Ran out of blood beer. Need to kill a man, any man. Hope the others haven't noticed what the sun is doing to my complexion! Everybody is so male and annoying...groan, when do I kill again, so bored

day 63

Still tall- :D Think everybody is tired of the Green-Age stories...well too bad-it is better then listening to khan this and khan that, who does he think he is? Need to find a dwarf to have real conversation with.

Not khan yet. :cry: Please deliver me from these whiners...oops hope She didn't here that. Here we are in the middle of nowhere looking for srtrings and there is a rhino somewhere in the group who is farting. Reminder ...kill the guy I just resurrected- he is on my last nerve

Not human. Am getting sand mixed in-not comfortable. Am sure that the others are talking about using me to pick up words from newspaper. Want my BOOK, why did i leave it in Pavis,stupid-stupid-stupid. Everybody else is weird!

Still have my head! Hope the others dont find out about my spy certificate I got in the mail. Need to get layed, S- is starting to look good, hope to make my move after dinner-hope she won't kill me. Oops got to go, that rock is asking a question.


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What to do

My only frustration, and maybe it's more of question, is the times where I have no idea what my character would do in a given situation. Since I figure Speth would always have a pretty good idea what to do, or at least know what she's capable of, I have more trouble with Chris figuring out what to make Speth do.

Hmm. What makes me wonder in this question is that the answer seems pretty simple. Babeester Gori aren't the most complex characters to understand in their basic outline. Orlanth is a god of many aspects and faces, from a wild man living without a tent to King of the Universe. But Babeester Gor is a goddess of limited, clear motivation. In descending order of importance:

    Protect the Sacred Earth
    Protect the Earth
    Avenge transgressions against the above.

All the other stuff, all the blood sacrifice, scarification, ritual separation from touching, death painting, torturing on the Screaming Isle, these things are magical methods for achieving these goals.

In other words, Axe Maidens do not refrain from sex and love because they don't like sex and love, they sacrifice their capacity for these things in pursuit of greater efficiency at their magics of pain and death. This is the reverse of the way that White Healers of Chalana Arroy sacrifice their ability to touch weapons or to do harm. While these Healers may be temperamentally anti-violence to start with, magical reality requires that those who can undo death never do death.

Now, it's my hope that all the heroes achieve more depth of character than the pure strictures of their religion. In fact, I work to assure that, and in most cases I'm pretty sure I've explicitly said as much. For examples:

Speth had to "divorce" herself from any non-cult ties as a condition of her devotion to Babeester Gor. But now, since the Babeester Gor Kills the Meldek quest failed, she finds herself with a family. This should be a problem for her, and it ultimately will be.

Garusharp already deals with peculiar relationship problems pulling him in multiple directions.

Rasa is weird enough, facing questions of place, identity, and the knowledge that I really hate stories where the non-human's greatest goal is to grow up to be A Real Live Boy.

Will must come to terms with the Will to Power, the sole thing keeping him from becoming a perfect example of the Undifferentiated Man, yet the central drive that pushes him to return all his people to that state of Unity with Everything.

Oshun is a challenge. More than any of the other characters, he is fitted out to take the role of the Typical Hero of His People. But this is not a time for the typical.

Senech doesn't need any of my help.

Or was your concern more about how to make a given magic work for a given problem?

Re: results

kgisiner wrote:
This is where I think the 100 word description should be added onto almost like a made up diary (this something Mike has said before, I think).

Funny examples, but they are in fact more detailed than you need to add to your Description. However, I have been far too lax about having the PCs add the important changes to their character sheets to their descriptions as well.

Every time something new gets added or subtracted on your character sheet, a new line should be added to your Hero's description. So:

    "With White Bull's help, Garusharp recovered his memories of his past life as a Teshnan working for Pubnashap, and put many of the horrors of Thanatar behind him."

"On the Journey of the Egret Warriors, Speth encountered her dead daughter, discovered her husband lived, and learned of Mercy."

"On the Journey of the Egret Warriors in the River of Tears, Oshun retrieved a lost follower from the Land of the Dead, who criticizes him mercilessly."

2 cents

Mike, i think that is a good point about updating the hero's description. Funny that the 'least likely' hero, Senech, is the one I updated the most. From plain Senech, to Senech trickster noble - ancestor caller - baboon king - Meldak slayer. Who woulda thunk it.

One question, I really have tried to think about it, but I don't see the reprecussions of the Babeestor Gor kills the Meldak quest failing. Or is it that we haven't been at the manor/Pavis enough to see the negative effect upon our supporters (I believe we got support, didn't we?) Its Just a curiousity, nothing that needs to divert us from the quest at hand.

Kirk, that had to be the funniest thing ever posted about our adventures!!! Hilarious!!!! :)

Failing the quest

What the Rass wanted--the death of Garjairazen--occurred. So it is easy to look past the other repercussions. But they do illustrate that how you do something is just as important as achieving the goal.

As the quest was primarily Speth's the repercussions fell mostly on her. What she wanted did not happen.

It is very strange to see an earth temple so closely connected to the Rass clan's land, and BG women interacting with folks. And see the stuff I wrote about Speth, above. And of course, Boomer/Will I Am is a pauper and the Copper Band Woman seems to be doing well for herself.

The fortification of the manor did not go as you planned. And if you recall, the way that you revealed the Meldek could be directly or indirectly linked to the agreement between the Pavis Cult and the Lunars to proceed with the marriage of Pavis. The full repercussions of that are still playing out.

I don't know, you tell me: Is Rasa an improvement over Croly?

So no, not much effect. :wink:

the puzzle is made clear

ahhhh - I see, thanks for clearing that up. I was indeed totally viewing 'success' from the Rass point of view when I needed to remember it was Speth's quest. but of course, I didn't know that Babeestor Gor don't asscociate with people that much, and it would be odd for an earth priestess to be on Rass land.



Was this a quest before i was in the game?


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Babeester Gor Kills the Meldek

Yes. it was a quest from before you got on board.

The Heroes were clearly lost, as they were gone for two years, an unheard of amount of time to be questing.

They went into the God World, passed through the Dead Earth, crossed the Sea of Blood, visited the Screaming Isle and crawled on their faces through Axe Hall, humbly begging that the Avenging Daughter send one of her heroes to save them from the evil Meldek. (a rude word for a sorcerer.)

They crossed back over into the Hero World, hunted to the Meldek's lair, found they had been set up, engaged in a titanic magical struggle that killed one of them, brought one into existance, transformed another, destroyed the meldek and resulted in all of them magically becoming part of the same clan. But Babeester Gor (in the guise of Speth) did not kill the meldek, and so from her perspective, the quest was a failure.

Instead of returning with the new Feat of Freeze Blood, she returned with the Relationship/Membership:Rass Clan.

And speaking of metaphors:

You thought we had challenges!

Here's an example of what happens when you've never been trained to think you have to ask permission to do something in the game.

Right from the get go, this kid has the right idea. I especially like the second thing he says:

"How old is Mevi? A little boy like you, or a teenager? Or something in between, like 10 or 12?

An older boy, not a teenager. He's 12 years old. And he has gold cuffs, and gold boots!

youthful innocence

It also appears the young boy has yet to learn how to be meely mouthed! Senech sqaundered a 'gigantic' oppurtunity when he didn't put 'gigantic penis' in his 100 words! but then again, a woman wrote up Senech, so go figure. :)


ah here it comes

When the narator looks at you and says that won't eventually stop guesing out loud because you just know that no matter what you say it will not be what is needed at that moment.


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I'm not sure what this is a response to, Kirk.

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