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Rass Game

Mike Dawson's Pavis game focused on the adventures of the members of the House of the Rass.

The Scent of Sand and Copper

With a now familiar but still disorienting lurch, Gortor's Demon Skull Chariot appears atop Rass Tower. Trouble and Anger nervously step about, so the chariot never quite comes to a stop. It's hard to get your bearings, as the sky is blotted out with sand and the howl of the desert wind blowing off the Wastes. You have to shout to hear each other.

This is a big storm. No one can see beyond the walls of the Manor, and even the Manor's courtyard is barely visible through the brown haze that stings your eyes. This storm has been blowing for hours as you can tell from the sand accumulated everywhere, even up on the parapet where you are.

Everyone rushes to get inside as quickly as possible. The moment the last of you steps off the chariot, Gortor says. "You saved me, so I owe you a life debt. But I am sworn to Kallyr and I must make up my failure to her." With that, he snaps the reins and says his familiar "Walk on!" and the chariot is gone.

Players wanted

I don't pay a lot of attention to whether we get any traffic here that isn't from the regular players, but it seems worth a shot.

I've got at least one spot open in my Longest Running HQ game. We have been playing since the rules were called Hero Wars, back in late 1999 or 2000. Set in Glorantha, usually in Pavis. The characters are movers and shakers, and if you start a new character, that one would be too. The games take place 99% of the time at my home east of Charlottesville VA, about 45 minutes west of Short Pump.

Glorantha experience not necessary, but a love of actual role playing, a desire to sink your teeth into the game setting, and a habit of taking regular showers is required. Also, since one of the characters is a disgusting trickster, this game is rated R.


Discussions at Stellarcon gave me a bit of a bug to get the Pavis campaign moving in a way that may actually result in its conclusion in our lifetimes.

So, fair warning:

After the Pavis Defeats Thog quest, those of your heroes still alive are going to have some significant downtime, during which you must spend all but 3 hero points. Unless you have fewer than that.

Please, when thinking of the future for your heroes, consider these things that you have at one point or another said you were interested in doing:

  • Fixing Rasa
  • Breeding new Rass
  • Installing Oshun as Zebra Khan
  • Aiding Raven with whatever "three earths" or "earth three" is.
  • Throwing the Lunars out of Pavis
  • Retrieving the other Five Strings:
  • 1 Bison held by bison
  • 2 Impala String in Than Ulbar
  • 3 Sable String in Lunar hands in Pavis
  • 4 Rhino string (do you know?)
  • 5 Ostrich string (do you know?)

Dasdandros the Yinkini


Next Holiday

I have off Monday the 15th for MLK Day.

Anyone else have off? Want to make a long day of it?

The Path of a Zebra Khan: Bittermouth's Burden - The River of Tears

Issaries Blessings to guide your Travel!
Issaries Blessings to ply your Trade!

...from my quill to your ears, *Hear* my words! I, Jerrod of the Tolkazzie, Scribe of the True Blooded Zebra-Khan and Pavic Wordsmith of the Lunar Era, tell you the making of my Lord, Oshun the Zebra Khan.

Our quest in the underword continued. Though my body shakes at the new and wondrous denizens of this place, Issaries steadies my hand for the documenting of ages. We have come upon a river, the River of Tears it is named. While I yet feel no desire to wail or weep, I have learned in my travels with my Lord and his allies that names hold power. Their purpose is not for the impressing of the ignorant and easily excited, but to profess a power they contain. The questors showed much confusion as what to do at this point. They had been told the River was an important part to navigate to reach their destination. But how? Enter it? Follow its path? The questors seemed to be once again on the verge of a characteristically long discussion if not for the fact that they continuted to verge closer and closer to the River. I myself felt a pull - one of yearning loss and possible renunion.

Rasa of the Rass


Original picture by Kirk Gisiner. Amateurish coloring by me.

Search for Flintnail

Black Moment/Dark Night
A vision of the city in ruins/under siege then destroyed in darkness.
Pavis loses hope for a day and a night
He regrets loss of Flintnail, is spurred to action.
Searching for Flintnail, Pavis & statue approach wall
discovers Flintnail is not dead
Flintnail has a message of hope
Thog refuses to return Flintnail or to hand over the city.

March to Confrontation

Second Threshold
Pavis is now a power, yet must flee the dark
New powers & old rally around & against
Trolls of various clans on both sides
Zorak Zoran
Chaos Beasts are all possible
With the appearance of an unexpected ally, Pavis leaves Shadows Dance and recrosses the desert to come before the walls of Pavis.
A Bloody Handed Warrior makes an appearance.

Awakening the Statue

Travel to Dagori Inkarth
Proves he means no harm
worked with troll mother to bolster her status
by having a healthy child.
This child is, of course, Gerak Kag.

Awakening the Statue
Dangerous procedure, involves mating

On the throne:
"Who am I to do anything at all? What use is any action in a world without love?"
Symbolizes the arising of the statue
The ancients say the statue denied love
Pavis recognizes that it denied the validity of a world without love

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