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Leaving town in a hurry

Assuming all normal orders are given and all normal preparations are made, what else will the heroes attempt to do before rushing off to join the caravan heading to the ritual site?

There's not much time to spare before wearing out the patience of the Lunars.

Brothers of the Champion's Hall

Wealth 18
Has yet to determine what resources it has, or how to leverage them. Has spent what it has to reinforce its defensive preparations.

Communication 18
The Brothers have yet to prove themselves to other communities, but owe few favors.

Morale 9W
The Brothers are all zealots, magically aware that every other brother has their back. They believe in a resurgent Pavis. Their unity is remarkable to outsiders, considering they dress like rag-tag bandits, are from widely disparate backgrounds and even species, and have a history of cataclysmic defeats.

War 20
While membership is still small and drilling has been nearly nonexistent, many members bring strong fighting skills.

Magic 14W
As One offers powerful abilities to the membership and every member is a devotee of Pavis or some allied god, spirit or sorcerous school.

In the Great Exhibition Hall of Kakstan's

Here's a little push forward of what's happening, and some other detail.

Once the Seven Tools rise up off the floor, Brennian gestures and seven Lhankor Mhy assistants standing around the periphery of the ritual approach seven large, sealed stoneware urns along the edge. They tear off a rope of tarry cord that surrounds and seals the lids.

A line of magical light starts coalescing from the statue at the center toward each of the Tools, and beyond, out through the Hall's walls in seven different directions.

Senech continues to sneak through the ritual, coin in hand. The bright lights and flashing colors make him hard to see, or perhaps it's the bright gold glow coming from the coin he has grabbed.

As the apprentices open the Urns, each of the Tools starts to drift toward an urn, a different one for each tool. Senech can feel it tugging him, but it's not in the direction of the statue, so I'm sure he goes against it.

A Goal and a Warning

Just in case anyone is feeling complacent, or like I'm totally soft on the Heroes, I thought I would like to bring up this week's episode of Game of Thrones.

First, if you haven't been watching it, go back via netflix or bit torrent or whatever and watch the WHOLE THING from the START.

Second, know I plan to work hard to make each and every one of you players care deeply about some non-player character you have met in the game.

Third, and most ominous: I hope with all my heart that the climax of the Pavis campaign is as emotional as was the most recent episode.

In the Space In Between


You wish Gerendeta Gor looked this good



Here's a clan generation questionnaire designed for Orlanthi clans in Pavis County.

Why should you care? Because a clan of these guys are the people who have accepted Asher as their leader!

So, Steve, do this quiz, read it carefully, and YOU get to design the clan that is on your lands. The only requirement I have is that their local ally should be Old Pavisites.


Pavis, the Second Age

Here's a preview of a product about Pavis in the 2nd Age.

Rasa is free to print this out and refer to it at any time. I reserve the right to revise any info.

Jon should read it and may draw on any of it as lore.

Pavis Rising

Home and a Greeting

A shortish game, with some character sheet work.

Will and his entourage entered the Old City through the Griffin Gate. They kicked ice away from the path where it had built up. Much to their surprise, Will's arrival attracted a crowd who needed protection. This need forced Hargran the Dirty to send a Pavis Royal Guard patrol as escort, since he otherwise risked having 30-40 New City residents going missing in the huntlands.

The Champion and his crew made it to Rass Manor, where they found everyone safe, with the possible exception of one missing person. They also discovered brother Cam, miraculously returned from a long quest and last reported accompanying the Cradle out to sea.

With Cam still unconscious, Will turned his attention to the city and its need. Received with pomp at the New Pavis temple, he spilled his blood on the altar of Pavis and, in answer, a hot wind blew. All across the city ice groaned, cracked and started to melt.

Secrets of the....

Jon and Brad should both watch Secrets of the Parthenon at least once.

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