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Big Rubble

In the Great Exhibition Hall of Kakstan's

Here's a little push forward of what's happening, and some other detail.

Once the Seven Tools rise up off the floor, Brennian gestures and seven Lhankor Mhy assistants standing around the periphery of the ritual approach seven large, sealed stoneware urns along the edge. They tear off a rope of tarry cord that surrounds and seals the lids.

A line of magical light starts coalescing from the statue at the center toward each of the Tools, and beyond, out through the Hall's walls in seven different directions.

Senech continues to sneak through the ritual, coin in hand. The bright lights and flashing colors make him hard to see, or perhaps it's the bright gold glow coming from the coin he has grabbed.

As the apprentices open the Urns, each of the Tools starts to drift toward an urn, a different one for each tool. Senech can feel it tugging him, but it's not in the direction of the statue, so I'm sure he goes against it.

Secrets of the....

Jon and Brad should both watch Secrets of the Parthenon at least once.

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