Minotaur Mumbles

A hazy day heading upriver. There is a taste of sand and ash on the wind off the Wastes, but there's a sense of peace on the boat, that feeling you get when you know you're going where you need to be and you can only let the boat take you there.

Will sits at the bow, keeping a relaxed but watchful eye on the unfolding river ahead, feeling the water rush under him, noticing the fish swimming in the boat's shadow, smelling the earthy scent of new rope coiled under him as a seat. He feels the boat shift as the minotaur heads forward to him.
He stands silently next to Will for a long time, scanning the passing banks, and Will senses the great beast man either finds it hard to speak, or is thinking hard about what to say.

"You marry Green Sky Soon?" he mumbles out in a quiet but rumblingly deep basso profundo voice. His Aldryami is surprisingly good. "She teached me to fight." He 'lightly' nudges Will's shoulder to get his attention, then sets down his axe and raises his arm over his massive head. Pointing at a long thin scar that starts under his armpit and down his ribs to his navel, he again rumbles out "Gave me this."

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That Gets Will's Attention

In Aldryami, Will responds with carefully chosen words, "Yes. You are correct. I did marry Green-Sky-Soon in the Green Age. I hope she teaches our tall, strong children how to fight as well as she taught you, for I see that you have survived (pointing to other visible scars). When did she teach you? Was it in the Garden or someplace else?"

A Minotaur of Few Words

"Garden. Many seasons there. Home."

Will Is Glad

"I Am Glad our paths have finally merged because I respect Green Sky Soon and Morak for wanting to make this world a better place for people to live. Since they help you and you help them, I would lend my support to you if you need it and expect that you would do the same for me." (short pause) "Would you?"


He snorts out a long, animal noise that's hard to interpret. Did he just clear his nose? Snort at you? The nasal equivalent of shrugging?

"I do for Morak."

He doesn't reply or say anything else unless you attempt to use a skill on him.


A wonderfully awkward moment for Will I Am. It seems Will's quid isn't worth the Minotaur's quo.
Will just doesn't seem to grasp the intricacies of talking anyone into anything without using magic.
No more needs to be said. Will takes in the view from the boat as they continue their journey to Door.

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