Leaving town in a hurry

Assuming all normal orders are given and all normal preparations are made, what else will the heroes attempt to do before rushing off to join the caravan heading to the ritual site?

There's not much time to spare before wearing out the patience of the Lunars.

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On Line Stuff+

Aside from what was moved from "Next Game" to "On Line Stuff" back in January (this year) Will wants to:

Go next door to visit Arlatin. Inform him that "Destroying Chasa Glut & the Thanatari in the Tunneled Hills was one thing, but stopping an empire in their tracks is another. I haven't figured that out yet."
Seek Arlatin's support vs Lunar Temple Ceremony.

Go from the daytime Elven Weddings plus their support (vs. Lunars) to check in at night with the Kagrokka & Lorasec Uz Queens about their next generations (Blind King Cousin) plus their support (vs. Lunars).

Go visit the Mostali at Flintnail to report about Grav the forgotten one who needs clothes plus work materials and for their support (vs. Lunars) on the way to meeting up with the Pavis caravan.

You are expected to leave

You are expected to leave first thing in the morning tomorrow.

Summarizing: Arlaten offers to begin researching how he might assist, but the matter is complex.

Do you mean you expect more weddings to occur on short notice?

I don't know what you mean about the Queens' "next generations." The Kag Mother offers you 16 trollkin warriors or 4 Dark Eggs which hold spirits of darkness in them. "Use them on the Moon Men, or return them unused."

Flintnail has no information on how to interfere with an unknown Lunar ritual. He questions you extensively on what you learned and did at Door, and your keen awareness makes you think he's upset by what you did. He dismisses you summarily.


I listed an 18 hour plan for getting as much done as possible before leaving.

It started with my post from January about riding a hippogriff in order for Will to wed two Aldryami brides and enlist their support before visiting the Uz at night. Of course, there might be no hippogriff egg hatching that day and those plans must remain on hold until Will survives the Lunar ceremony and returns to wed another day.

Are the Kagrokka offspring being born? Are they real trolls? Did the quest overcome the trollkin curse? When will Kag cousin attempt to become blind king? Is Zikra preggers? Will gratefully accepts the four dark eggs which hold spirits of darkness in them and promises to use them on the moon men or return them unused. This is the most support anyone has offered in this case. Was this support from the Kagrokka or the Lorasec?

If Flintnail questions Will personally, then Will doesn't mind being summarily dismissed. However, if Ginkizzie did that, then Will figures that he had better make up for it, somehow.

You have absolutely no time

You have absolutely no time for that other stuff. Your hippogriff plan has, sadly, been interrupted. Again.

The Eggs come from the Kag Mother.

The mothers have nothing to say to you about your questions. You are met with silence at each of them. And when did you think you knocked up Zikra Onge?

Ginkizzie did the questioning.


Submitted by gamer on Fri, 06/30/2017 - 22:11.
Thanks for clarifying the Hippogriff plan, the Mothers' reticence to answer and Ginkizzie's questioning. Will never expected to hear/see Flintnail at that time.
As for Zikra Onge, Senech made a shag roll in the Green Age to overcome the Trollkin curse after Rasa's ward separated Zikra's spider demon from its host.
Even though Zikra didn't know she was a pawn in the Affengang's plot, her reason for contacting Will was to help her clan recover after Zorak Zorani loses.
I need to check my notes, but offhand Will remembers Zikra saying something to the effect of her clan being down to 60 or 600 members, which was low.

According to my notes from 5/20/2013: Remember when the heroes were in the darkness with Orgo Torgo? The episode is "A Rock Between Hard Places"
The Troll King said a non-binding magical oath that (4) Daemons are loose in the chamber above. "WE WANT THE 3RD SEAL, that was once ours! There are many things I want, You (Will), the Priest of Pavis (Belkar), Zikra. Oreo Torgo, called the Spike, knows the secrets or Arkat. What I know is that the Champion is in the dark surrounded by poison blades!"
Speth and Zikra Onge drink blood beer and become blood sisters/drinking buddies, yet Zikra can't or won't say anything beyond her desire/need for a child. Will fails to see anything in the magical darkness using Soul Vision. Using the Man Rune plus Dark Tongue Will manages to understand that something scares Zikra, but she did not tell it to Speth. Orgo Torgo knows what that is. Will realizes that Pavis mated with the Kag Mother because their goals/motives are aligned. Pavis wants the Faceless Statue while the Kag Mother wants a child (Gerak Kag).
Trollkin return with magic pills for everyone. Zikra eats hers first and falls asleep. Speth eats hers so Will follows suit. A door opens after much tapping. Speth walks through and sees a troll in a nitch. As she enters, there is some skittering about behind her. Oreo Torgo directs heroes to sit back to back over a hole in the floor (a gate). Other Trolls make marks on the heroes, give them rocks and twigs to hold and to wear. Blood is taken and a great swarm of spiders come up and build a cocoon around heroes. Lance of Light bursts into the cocoon, which spits open. Oshun enters the Temple along with the heroes. Temple Daemons, alarms and functionaries are appearing/manifesting. Zikra insists on a union. Oshun opposes the union.
Will explains, "Pavis brought the races together saying, "Better late to the wedding than to have no wedding!" Faceless Statue tore the ligaments out of Waha's leg. Then Pavis went to the Paps and healed Him, thereby establishing Pavis' place on the plains." to convince Oshun to stand for Will at his Green Age wedding (to Queen Zikra). Zikra wears a grass skirt with flowers plus every possible safeguard relating to the Green Age to protect her and the Green Age. Will sees her God(less) nature and Oshun sees a multi-limbed creature of darkness. (Then there are pages of information relating to the ritual plus the Green Age that I will skip over for now.)
In the end, Rasa dons the Mask of Potonis (Law Speaker of Pavis). Veridian Book of Life and Stone manifests in Rasa vs Eranea Daemon (Manifest Fetish - active and able to act) Goddess of Fate, Patron Goddess of the Affengang. Rasa's complete victory reveals the bindings and conditions of the Daemon of Darkess & Fate 1) Mating triggers Zikra's transformation 2) Non-Mating triggers Zikra's transformation 3) In both cases and any other case, the Daemon eats the husband
Rasa casts his sandy ward around the group. Senech goes for Zikra as Will pulls her through the dark-magic filtering ward. Will's Man Rune and Zikra's Darkness become one in the Green Age. Will compels Senech to "Do it for the family!" and says "Zikra, Man and Darkness become one in the Green Age to form perfect twins. A Dark Son to bring power and peace to his people and a Mistress Daughter to bring comfort and solace to her people. As they grow, the pain of the world will lessen until it hurts no more and peace among families unites All."

According to my notes from 6/24/2013: The episode is "Let The Love Fest Begin"
Oshun & Mighty Black and White Maned Spirit also get together to experience "Perfect Zebraness." Oshun offers Contact Foreign Caravaneers.
Zikra: "I know the way to a place of fine auspice. Here, under D'Zartar's light (Sky God/Sun Sire/Purest Light) isn't the place. Will: "Lead on, My Queen."
Zikra opens a way to the border of "Wonderhome" - Joining above and below. Pavis did not address the element of Darkness (hence Gerak Kag).
Will: "I am not afraid." and offers Dark Earth Realm Lore.
Senech uses Loves Everybody to mate with Zikra, has a complete success as rays of Light&Dark, Heat&Cold, strobe out across the city from the Pavis Temple. Will is energized and gains "Loves Everyone" under the Man Rune.
Will: "From the Green Age Union of Pavis the Peacemaker, City Father and Troll Mother, let the Lorasec Clan join in the Perfect City through Love, so that our children will live, love and thrive together!" Promise of Paradise is a critical vs a failure
In front of Will is Cerillius Harmonious, who drops to his knees and begs forgiveness while a mercenary member of his retinue tries to stab Senech in the back. Speth trows an axe which beheads the Lunar mercenary murderer. His curved dagger falls to the ground. Everyone is so sad & happy that they laugh and cry at the same time. Blood spurts onto C.H. and his clothing. He was overcome by the Promise of Paradise and enraptured rather than be able to prevent an assassination.
Zikra: "I was wrong to doubt you." Will: "You are right, my Dear."
Oshun gains a zebra talent. Senech attempts to give the Lunar's head to Speth. She takes it, but sets it back on the body, so Senech continues to steal it.
Zikra: "If you will have it, protection from the Lorasec." She bites Will's ear which leaves a mark and says, "I have chosen you." She speaks words of power and departs through the sacred exit. Two dozen alarming looking trolls in Hero Darkness escort her.

Guess I got names wrong

I didn't recall her name was Zikra.

Nevertheless, answers remain the same. The Mothers are closed mouthed about their children. If you have any kind of Darkness Lore or Troll Lore or similar, you know this is not unusual.

Thanks for including the stuff about Cyrilius. I had completely forgotten about his change of heart. Retroactively: He accompanies Broosta on this journey.


Auto correct changed a couple of Orgo Torgo entries to Oreo Torgo and I misspelled Cyrilius.

Somewhere in this site is the full account of Zikra's union with Will I Am and the Purified Giant Penis of Pavis in the Green Age. It went like this:

Account of Mark Gordo Ink-Maker, Initiate of Pavis and Temple Scribe

It was observed and since reported that on Dark Day of Fertility Week in Sea Season, Zikra Onge, daughter of the late Queen Zilon Onge and now Queen, herself, of the Uz Lorasec Clan, shrouded in shadow, came to the Champion’s Hall on Temple Hill bearing a (wooden?) box.

While she waited, a messenger from the day watch guard was sent to the Rass Manor in the old city, where our Champion, Will I Am, breakfasted with his family. When word reached him, there were immediate preparations made to ride to Her Majesty. Within 2 hours the Champion and his Brothers reached their villa, which was also dark and chilled from her shade. Sunlight barely reached the ground.

The Queen’s six guards surrounded her slowly shifting shadow as Will I Am approached and welcomed her, offering food saying, “Will you join me for a meal?” whereupon Zikra kicked the box forward toward Will I Am saying in old Pavic, “I have thought long and hard about this path.” Her deep voice rumbled like distant thunder.

The Champion opened the box revealing four Troll skulls and asked the Queen, “Dark Mother, what is the meaning of these?” to which she replied, “I am not your mother, but these were your enemies!” So Will asked, “What do you want?” Then the nature of her visit became clear to all those in attendance. She explained in her resonant voice, “My Mother’s clan was 600. Now it is only 60.”

It has been written recently that the Champion, with his boon companions, had completed a heroic quest that re-enacted the founding of Pavis’ City in order to reclaim the Champion’s Hall from the cult of Zorak Zorak, Troll God of vengeance and destruction. Their complete success came at the expense of cult members, primarily comprised of the Lorasec males and supported by their females. That is why the Lorasec’s loss diminished them to this point of desperation. Zikra was asking the one who killed Kruggik Ogg, high priest of Zorak Zoran and relative of the Queen, to help restore her clan by overcoming the curse against Uz bearing healthy children and prevent ultimate destruction through attrition in her family.

The Champion, who still carries Kruggik Ogg’s skull in a black bag, was moved to compassion. Even when Senech found himself averse to the thought of fulfilling his role as the inseminating instrument of Pavis, Will was unafraid to reach out to the Queen. She shied away and challenged the Champion in a loud voice saying, “Prove your power on me!“

It occurred to Will I Am that the best place to harness pro-generative power and bring into fruition the Queen’s request for children was in the place where a seal of the Green Age was recovered during the hero quest of “Babeestor Gor kills the Meldak”. It was then that the Mostali Alchemist, Boomer Redclay transformed into Will I Am due to a burst of radiant Green Age light. Praise Be to Pavis!
We received word at the Temple that the Champion wanted to use the sacred seal and wished high priests conduct the “Ceremony of Consummation”. A great discussion between the Daughters of Pavis resulted in a quick decision to send a senior acolyte to intercept the group as they left Temple Hill, making their way to the place where they first discovered the Green Age seal.

Our messenger reached Queen Zikra Onge, escorted by the Champion and his band of brothers, who were discussing how best to bring forth another generation of Uz and whether there could be a Mistress Troll among them. Asher spoke to the knowledge that there are less than 300 Mistress Race Trolls still in the world, according to his records. After all, Asher is the city’s foremost authority on Uz.

Our messenger let it be known to Will I Am that the seal had been moved to a safe place, but that Temple secrets should be guarded and kept from Zikra’s non-initiated ears. When Zikra started becoming annoyed at being left out of the conversation plus perceived concern on the faces and in the hushed voices, the Champion sought to calm her agitation with Pavis’ peaceful magic.

Her majesty was too upset to be assuaged. She hissed at the Champion, “Your words fail!” So Will I Am asked her directly, “Since we are working to comply with your desire, why are you angry? What is really going on here?” His query was met with a cold silence as dark as her visage.

The company diverted their path, making for the Temple itself. The entire party of Will I Am, his brothers plus Queen Zikra entered the Temple’s fourth warehouse where Senech got out of his traveling bag, but Speth commanded him return and so he did. Then Senech was offered up to Zikra who cut a hole in the bag for the furry one’s gigantic purified penis to protrude as the group debated the virtues and dangers inherent in this impromptu venture.

Rasa warned of the worst that can happen. Those fearfully tragic words are not written here. However, it can be noted that Rasa warned, “Zikra is not to be trusted, as she is bound in layers upon layers of enigmatic plasma.” Therefore, Oshun asked of his prophetic spirits what they made of this situation while Asher used the rune of truth and Speth glared meaningfully as Will I Am prayed to our Lord Pavis for guidance, “I pray Thee Lord, show me a sign. Is this the time and place to manifest Green Age power, unite with Zikra, Queen of the Lorasec and bring forth progeny?”

Before there could be an answer from above, Senech took that opportunity and leapt from his traveling bag, evaded Zikra’s long reaching arm and made for an inner door. Amazingly, he had almost squeezed underneath the oaken portal when the Champion caught him by the leg with his left hand and plopped him back in the holey bag. Handing it (with Senech inside) to Zikra, Will I Am said, “I would see the Green Age seal now” and he entered the sacred storage room. May Pavis always smile upon us!

As related to me later by the Champion, a great many mysteries were revealed to him by the Stone Man of Magasus and to Rasa by the seal itself. Those secrets remain with the Daughters, protected by their discretion. While Will I Am & Rasa uncovered truths along with the Green Age seal, Zikra grew more and more impatient. When they returned, Will stated that proceeding would be complicated and dangerous. Zikra began to growl and Asher advised the Champion that, “A faint heart never won a fair lady and the Queen’s heart is fading fast.”

Zikra confirmed Asher’s point stating, “I had a lover who was dear to me as any man. When he disappointed me, I slowly ate his pancreas while the healer kept him alive.” Will I Am tapped his Drum of Dark Harmony and the tension subsided during their wait for priests and initiates. At last, Bilkar, Broosta and “X?” arrived with their retinues. They began the ritual preparations in elaborate detail.

First the Sacred Seal was moved to the Garden behind the Temple. Then Runes were painted on the participants. Reminders (some with associated Spirits) were tied onto them also. The Champion prayed to Pavis, “Let Thy Will Be Done! Nakala, Great Spirits of Darkeness, Mothers and Grandmothers of Night, bless the union of your daughter, Zikra Onge, Queen of the Lorasec and Will I Am, Champion of Pavis. Let this consummation bring forth pure Uz in the world.”

The most elaborate of all preparations involved Senech and Zikra, for he is cursed and should never be allowed to enter the Green Age under normal circumstances while Her Majesty is neither initiated in the ways of Pavis nor experienced in the ways of the Green Age. Senech was given the triple binding of a black rope around his waist plus a gray one around his throat and a white string around his Gigantic Purified Penis.

When the priests with their initiates plus the guardian and the ward were all in place, Zikra approached the altar. Senech mouthed off, “Help me get it up!” As the assembled people chanted, we could all feel Pavis drawing closer to us.

The account of Speth’s challenge to Zikra to “Prove Her Worthiness” is recorded in Scribe’s Document: the axe maiden of Babeester Gor confronts the Uz queen.
After that amazing, yet confusing conflict, Zikra kidnapped Bilkar and ran out into a shadowy courtyard trying to escape with him, but Will I Am plus his brothers gave chase. The Champion could be heard calling for Pavis’ power to defend the people. Later, it was revealed that they all traveled through a strange “in between place” where Rasa went into a trance and Speth chopped off one of Zikra’s arms. Will I Am and Speth continued after Zikra while Asher, and Oshun avoided four demons in order to return with Bilkar. Senech also returned, dragging Zikra’s arm that Speth chopped off at the pit, which the four demons guarded. The Champion and Speth made their way down a rock strwn hill in total darkness. Will I Am followed the axe priestess’ footfalls as she followed Zikra’s trail downward.

They all came to an underground chamber where a Stygian Sorceror from the Affengang Clan plus his henchmen confronted them. While, the Champion bided his time in the darkness he overheard Zikra and Urgo Torgo, her patron (aka Spike), deal with Speth’s questions. She and Zikra drank blood beer and became blood sisters. Spike wanted the union to proceed. Ultimately, Zikra, Speth and Will took Spike’s poisoned pill in order to return to the Pavis Temple Ceremony.

It was Oshun’s turn to oppose the strange union of the Lorasec Queen and our Champion. Will I Am reminded us that Pavis said, “Better late to the wedding than to have no wedding at all”. Despite Oshun’s remonstrations, the Champion convinced Oshun to stand for him. Then everyone else followed Will I Am’s lead and proceeded with the ceremony.

Zikra was adorned in the Green Grass Skirt, which undid some harmful magic as a few leaves shriveled and fell off. Flowers and other protections were added to her raiment. Protections for both her and the Green Age had to be exactly placed before Belkar would begin the incantation to open the way to the Green Age. Even as the priests pushed open the rough-hewn wooden door that moved like intricately carved interwoven leaves unwrapping, Oshun suddenly spotted a multi-limbed creature of darkness hiding within Zikra.

The participants spoke of their transitioning perspective from the mundane to the sublime. At first, they all perceived the imperfections of the Temple as “barely acceptable craftsmanship” and Will I Am wanted to work the stones and polish them, but on the other side they saw the Temple Courtyard from the time of its founding in the God World. Sand was still on the pavestones with masonry tools about the area along with un-harvested Faceless Statue parts. They saw nothing of the Real City, only the Great Temple.

As they progressed, each saw non-individualized workers plus surveyor’s marks laying out the Perfect City. Upon approaching the Overseer and his Master Plan, each saw occasional examples of individual builders and supervisors whose work was more artisanal and perfect. They passed many stages using the proper words and signs until they all arrived at the Builder’s Square where Mostal said, “You do my will with kinsmen of renown!”

That blessing helped save Will I Am, his boon companions, plus the Green Age and maybe, even the World from the terrible fate that awaited just a few steps further on. For ahead lay the snare of an age-old trap laid by the Affengang.

The heroes, on their quest to produce a royal baby troll, proceeded to the Garden where Green Age light, emanating from the plants themselves, gave forth a verdant glow, for Yelm did not yet exist to shine his light during that time before death came into the World.

May Pavis, in his infinite wisdom, protect us from the fearful and dread daemon of darkness and fate!
Everyone felt enlivened, as is true of everything in the Green Age when Oneness is at hand. The entourage formed a safe ring around The Champion and Queen. Using a Joraz Kyrem relic given him by Oshun, Will I Am sees, for the first time, the sorcerously wrapped, possessing entity that was inflicted upon Zikra’s chest; a multi-limbed daemon of both darkness and fate. It was ready to erupt from her limbless shoulder where Speth had cleaved her arm off. Fortunately, Will I Am returned Zikra’s severed arm to her and it reattached so she was healed.

Those, who have been granted clearance to read this account, would already know of stories about the end of the Green Age involving spiders mating and the untimely end of the male, consumed by the mother-to-be. Attempting to mate at that point would surely have triggered the daemon to come forth and kill the champion, thus ending the Green Age. According to Rasa, whose perception of the bindings and conditions of the daemon of darkness and fate were complete, 1) “Mating would trigger Zikra’s transformation.”
2) “Not mating would trigger her transformation.”
3) “In both cases or any other case, the daemon kills the husband by eating him.”

Rasa cast his sandy ward around this group of people while their procreative urge grew. With the daemon about to erupt due to Senech, the Penis of Pavis about to come, Will I Am pulled Zikra through the ward, which filtered out the dark magic. This was when Mostal’s blessing helped the Champion wrest the Queen of the Lorasec from the Affengang’s grasp.

Zikra said, “I know the way to a place of fine auspice. Here, under D’Zartar (Sky God & Sun Sire’s Purest Light) isn’t the place for us. Will I Am replied, “Lead on, my queen”. They proceed to the border of Wonderhome even as Oshun plus the Mighty-Black-and-White-Maned-Spirit become one to experience transcendental perfect “zebraness”. The city itself begins to revel in the togetherness generated by the success of Pavis’ Consummation Ceremony.

The Champion, unafraid of Darkness and Senech, loving everybody, manifest rays of light and darkness/heat and cold that strobe out across the city from Pavis’ Temple. The Champion and the Queen are energized. Will I Am affirms, “From this Green Age Union of Pavis the Peacemaker/City Father plus Uz Mother, let the Lorasec Clan join the Perfect City through children who will live, love and thrive together!” Then they became one, as is true of everything in the Green Age when life is at hand.

As our heroes returned to the Temple of Pavis from their Green Age adventure, the “Promise of Paradise” was with everyone, even Cirillius Harmonious, who dropped to his knees before the Champion and begged, “Forgive me!” Suddenly it became clear why when a lunar mercenary leapt up and tried to stab Senech in the back. Speth immediately threw an axe that beheaded the assailant. All those in attendance felt happy and sad, crying and laughing at the same time as the assassin’s curved dagger fell to the ground. Pavis Be Praised!
Senech attempted to give Speth the lunar assassin’s head. Each time she would take it and set it back on the body, Senech would steal it again. This went on for some time while Zikra told Will I Am, ”If you will have it, I offer protection from/of the Lorasec, for I have chosen you!” Saying words of power to enable him to bypass her wards, she bit the Champion’s left ear. Those two then spoke of love and her crazy power. The beginning of their conversation was not overheard, but toward the end, Zikra was heard to say, “I have seen few more fearsome than such as She.”

When Queen Zikra reached the secret exit where her own fearsome guards awaited, she turned back and said to Will I Am, “I was wrong to doubt you.” The Champion replied, “Yes dear, you are right.” With that, she disappeared into darkness and the city celebration continued. However, it was noted that the champion of Pavis looked out from the revelry toward the southeast saying, "Evil is upon the old market for a new tree has been destroyed by the hand of chaos there."


Speth gets support from the Pavis Ernaldan temple and any intel that is available. Speth would be surprised that something of this magnitude could fly under the radar without some kind of info leaking out.

She also spends the evening in her temple (with her follower) asking for guidance from her mistress other than go berserk at the right moment and take as many Lunars down as she can before she herself is killed (which is always Plan B).

She also asks for her mistress to point out her weaknesses that could be exploited by Lunars.

Before she go into the temple for the evening she tell Vannen to prepare for the journey and provide any insights that might help throw a wrench in the works.

Never summon anything bigger than your head.

Don't even have time to get my sunday suit out the cleaners

Oshun sends messages to the Zebra tribe khans about the Lunar "Invitation". With time being extremely short the only other thing Oshun wants to do is ask the Joraz Kyrem temple for support. some fetish or charm etc. after all they "Love Me: 11W2"

do we know or can we find out of any praxian tribe khans going? I know the Pavis high muckety mucks gave Oshun a decree from the Lunars that all Tribal Khans are to appear. But unless I have it wrong, all the praxian tribes except for Sable Waha don't owe any allegiance to the Lunars.

Oh, and Jon mentioned the players not knowing what they were doing. Well speak for yourself buddy, cause Senech is a the door with a bag full of socks, pacing back and forth mumbling over and over 'oh I got you! payback is a bitch!'


At least Senech is ready. Don't know what what you mean about me saying: "the players not knowing what they were doing."
I generally think that the players know what they're doing even if they don't know what they're going to do. Was it this comment in Next Game?
"I know our characters are not ready for this game, but how about their players?" It's obvious that the characters are not ready, but what about us?
That's what I was asking and if so, our characters not being ready and "the players not knowing what they were doing" are still two different things.
I like where you are both going with your preparations. Hoping that helps because we (players) and they (characters) need all the help we/they can get!

from your comments in the

from your comments in the "next game" thread...

Submitted by gamer on Sun, 07/09/2017 - 13:55.
I know our characters are not ready for this game, but how about their players?

Senech would object to that statement!

Black & White Intel

Think about what you want the fetish to be and we'll roll for it first thing. As with Speth, this is also an opportunity to take new followers by spending points.

Word has it a very large contingent of the Sable Tribe has headed to Sartar more than a week ago, aimed at acting as a western screen for any attempts by Praxian forces to intrude on the ceremony. Inrie the Red, Greatest Sable Khan, resides at MoonBroth which is doubtless a stop on the way to the New Temple. His queen has not left her camp outside Pavis but there is sign of preparations to move there.

Decrees have been posted for all Khans and their queens, but as many are outlaws with Imperial warrants issued for their heads, these are apparently more for show. If a Khan happened to be visiting Pavis, doubtless he would get roped into it.

Damn right!

Speth would be surprised that something of this magnitude could fly under the radar without some kind of info leaking out.

Indeed, everyone in Dragon Pass and Prax knows that Tatius the Bright, the Governor General of Dragon Pass has been working for years, with a thousand slave Sartarites and every resource he can get from the Empire, to make this New Temple of the Reaching Moon.

The High Priestess refuses your request without comment and looks very stern if you start to argue, but as you leave, four lesser priestesses, all Sartarite expatriates, offer anything they can. This essentially comes down to one time magical blessings, followers (that you have to pay a point for--these can be most anyone or anything, not just the priestesses) or something else you can come up with. It can be one thing from the four of them, or four things, or a mix.

The Goddess of Red Hands speaks!

"A fine death it is, drowning in the blood of the guilty. Better still to brew their failure and toast to victory with it from a bowl of skull."

Vannen says "This is a greased rope to hell, but I think the food will be good. These Imperials travel in style."

Great Quotes

I don't know why I can't think of ultra-cool ways for Will to state the obvious like the Ernaldans and Vannen did.
Perhaps I should reread some plays by William Shakespeare. Do you think that would help? Great Game, Mike!

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