Just want to be sure

Sooooooooooooooooooo the Pavis Temple has given Senech an order to represent Pavis and protect Brewster? I got this right? This isn't a Trump "i hope Senech goes along" is it? This is official as it gets?

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You bet! Sure! Exactly!

Sure sounded that way to Senech. I mean, he was in the room when Fleeter Nimm said it.

To Will I Am

it sounded like, "We can't do anything about this, so we hope you can deal with it. Good luck! You're going to need it."

Just wanted to be sure

You know. Just in case. Like something happens. And someone needs to be blamed. Or someone who is usually blamed for everything needs to be able to say "whooooaaaa buddy! Let me introduce you to my 'get out of blamed for that shit' card from the Pavis temple!"


It's almost a hopeless situation (like facing down Chasa Glut in the Tunneled Hills).

How do you disrupt a Lunar ceremony that's been carefully planned (and practiced with previous temples)?

Get as much support as you possibly can (in advance) plus prepare every possible power/skill and pretend it's a Hero Quest.

See you there on the second Monday of July (7/10). Is Sunday a typically good day to come visit Hathaway Beach?

If so, please let me know your available Sundays in June and July. Then we can plan a pool party!

Pool Party?

It's now the end of August and time is running out for our pool party.

Please let me know if any Fridays or Sundays in September are good.

September 1st or 3rd might be too soon and you might have Labor Day weekend plans already.

I have a tentative thing on 9/8, but it isn't as important as our pool party plus 9/10 is available.

I have another tentative thing on 9/15, same concept as on 9/8 (above) plus 9/17 is available.

Earlier tonight, I was hired to play at the Hermitage on Friday 9/22, but Sunday 9/24 is open.

Friday 9/29 and Sunday 10/1 are both good for me if the pool is still open and available.


Why did Will have to take "Fears Dragons" at his Pavis Affinity?
That doesn't make sense and it has been bothering me all day.

Not your Pavis Affinity. Your

Not your Pavis Affinity.

Your Pavis Cultural Keyword.

Because it's where things like that go. Speth's is under her Esrolian keyword, for example.


Will's keywords are Green Age 12W and God Talker 6W. Should we use one of them?

Will rolled against his Loves Everybody (including Dragons) under the 12W Man Rune.

To be honest, Will's attitude has been Curious About/Intrigued by Dragons since he had:

The Mark - that ebon snake, who spoke Wyrmish and could tunnel through the Earth.

I'm still adjusting to the idea that Will has to be afraid of Dragons when he actually admired and respected them.

Now that he has looked one in the eye, while it devoured Lunars and a few others, Will I Am thinks that's impressive.

Each time the dragon appeared, Will's Drum of Dark Harmony beat ALL BY ITSELF. Will felt an incredible connection to the Cosmic Dragon's heartbeat as he played that drum in the Sky, so why be afraid now?

Ultimately, if he survives Jaldonites, Lunars, Nomads, Thanatari, Chaos Beasts, Effenhab Greypoint, Gim Gim and others, Will wants to be able to "See Eye to Eye" with Dragons. That is Will's most recent goal.

If Will doesn't have a Pavic

If Will doesn't have a Pavic Cultural Keyword, I'll have to look at your sheet to figure out what value.

I understand that your vision of the character is one of dragon-friendliness. However, please remember Will was seconds away from being eaten by the biggest creature he has ever seen. Only incredible magic saved him and his charges from the greatest catastrophe he can think of in 200 years. It's easy to imagine him having nightmares of the Brown Dragon visiting Pavis and swallowing the Crystal Dome of the Real City Temple like you or I would pop a tic-tac.

It's easy, for example, for someone to say "I love tigers!"

and then discover that in the flesh, they are casually murderous man eaters of tremendous size.


Dragons are known to have reasons, that even mortals can comprehend, for eating people, besides hunger on a city-sized scale.
The Dragon Kill War is a perfect example of that. So is the latest visit by that Brown Dragon. Kallyr & Orlanth made a comic deal.
Should a Dragon visit the City of Pavis, it would be for a very good reason, even if Will and the citizens of Pavis do not know why.

If Will has to be afraid of dragons then let it be an appropriate level such as the affinity he failed to utilize.
As I said, he wasn't even afraid to be eaten by the dragon. It just has to be consumption for a noble cause.
For example: Sacrificing himself in the belly of the beast for the good of the people in order to save them.

Am I mistaken in thinking that there is a connection between Will and the cosmic dragon based on its heartbeat?
If so, that will help me play the character of Will with a higher level of fear (that I couldn't have imagined before).

Will fears Ice Powers at a low level because he and his people were actually harmed by them at the Winter Ruins and by that extra long, cruel winter.
The Champion & Company have benefited from their limited interactions with dragons and from a peripheral history (Empire of the Wyrms Friends).
As I understand it, Pavis did not leave Adari because of Dragons. He left because of an authoritarian Empire claiming him & his un-split tongue.

Will saw the destruction of the Thanatari AND the tunneled hills by the newly released Volcano God.
Will helped bring that about in a way that's similar to his participation in the cosmic dragon summoning.
Will isn't afraid of Chakra Varten because he wanted that to happen and he was ok with dying there.
To me, that seems like the same thing as what happened at the Lunar Temple Ceremony and almost on the same scale in terms of land area.
In both cases, these awesomely powerful beings acted in a controlled and methodical manner - neither berserk nor out of control.
Fear for those being destroyed, yes! However, those who were not destroyed can be grateful as well as a little bit fearful.
It makes sense for Will to want to propitiate dragons and please them (plus Gortor) for their help at Dragon Pass.

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