Jerrod requests seed money and free time

Jerrod spends all of breakfast talking and explaining background, then gets to the heart of the matter.

"I hear of an Etyries fur broker in New Pavis. She has recently been asking in the lower markets after Desert Trackers and spreading a great deal of silver just to get a good hearing. By accounts, she is desperate. Issaries tells me there is more to the story, and that there's money to be made from her, but I need some coin to make the right impression, to make it seem I do not really need her money. That way she has to make whatever she wants really worth my while."

Agreeing to back Jerrod in this venture is a test of someone's Wealth.

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Who is Jerrod?

Who is Jerrod?

Never summon anything bigger than your head.


He's Oshun's Issaries follower, who has spent many months on the trail with Speth.

Plans Change

Depending on what Jerrod finds out, there may be a tie-in to Oasis seeding (notice Mike planting the germ of an idea of a subliminal plot that's waiting to grow in the desert).


Ohhh no. I'm not falling for that one. Unless this lady has a facilitator 9W3, begone foul woman!

Is that a 'No' then?

So you are telling Jerrod no?

That will trigger a relationship test, as it is the first thing he has asked of you in 3 game years.


triggering a relationship test implies if Oshun tells Jerrod no, Jerrod will be very upset about that. Is the "Issaries tells me" a real divine inspiration or just a merchant's hunch?

such is the way people talk

"Issaries tells me" can mean many things.

I'll speak sub rosa here: I try very very hard to make sure everything in the game is consistent and happens for a reason, though of course some characters are neither consistent nor rational by their natures. I never make things puzzling just because.

So here Jerrod has not told you everything; that seems obvious. It is for Oshun to decide if he is purposely holding back to deceive, unable to tell the truth for some reason, or avoiding talking about things secret and and sacred to his cult by hiding behind the phrase "Issaries tells me"

Make me some money

(at whatever point Oshun gets back to the Manor) he lays 4 iron arrowheads before Jerrod "Take what will suffice to finance the endeavor, you have my support. And may your return wagon need 10 Bison to pull it" i.e. hope you make lots of money


Will: "Oshun, might someone go behind Jerrod? For to keep eyes upon him and ears beside him to witness this encounter may serve to protect him and also ascertain other information not readily apparent to your advisor/guidesman. If I be not present to determine her "true motives" because like you, I am sore pressed for time, perhaps there is another who can guard his back."


Yes. This would be conferred with Jerrod as I assume he would know whether this is needed/helps/hinders his success.

"I could take a few of the

"I could take a few of the Riders, they would back up my bona fides. Any of you principles are too high profile and would both generate distraction and suggest complication."

Did Jarrod Return

During Oshun's Great Khan & First Daughter's Party?


Jarrod's been gone since 2011?!?!?!?!? wow! Well Mike did tell me to once in awhile ask "is Jarrod back?' during gameplay and I've totally forgotten to. shame on the khan!

The Great Khan

will get used to asking subordinates if they've gotten their work done yet.
It's about the proper delegation of authority, isn't it?

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