Interesting reading and this weekend

This site has some good and entertaining stuff that so far is pretty correct as far as my game goes.

Also, I find myself with a very open weekend at the moment, though I'm trying to fill it up fast. Anything going on? Anyone want to get together? I can come to town. I can't stay over because Kirsten is off on an adventure with her mother, but my days and early evenings are free.

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Check In At Noon

I should have checked in earlier. After work, I 'm free this Saturday evening.

Photo shoot on Sunday afternoon, but free in the evening.

Let me know if you want to catch up in town.

Nice Q&A website. Thanks.


I started reading and felt there were going to be some major spoilers coming up that matter to our pavis campaign. Don't like spoilers. Someone told me last year the one-armed man didn't do it and it totally ruined 'The Fugitive' for me. :)

I Can't Believe I Read the Whole Thing

Actually I didn't read everything, but I didn't come across any spoilers.

I did find complete descriptions of major pantheons plus a Universal group of deities (not a pantheon) that are known by almost all cultures:

Arachne Solara - Goddess of Nature; Greatest of the Greater Gods. Few beings actively worship Arachne Solara, for her spells are beyond mortal ken, and she does not respond to prayers and appeals. She appears when and where she desires. The results of her presence are sometimes benevolent and generous, at other times cruel and terrifying, but usually neutral and natural. She eats anything she catches in her web.

Hunter - Father of Hunters. Each tribe worships its own special god of hunting and follows its own rituals, but all know that somewhere beyond the sky dwells First Hunter, who sent his many children to man. Each of his children became the hunting god of a single region or folk, but all are brothers.

River - Most rivers are each inhabited by a powerful spirit which rules the waterway from headwaters to mouth. River dwellers worship him or her. Those spirits which inhabit tributary rivers, streams, and creeks are usually the children of the main river deities.

Time - the Measurer and measurement. Time is nowhere worshiped as a deity, but almost everyone acknowledges its omnipotence. Before the advent of Time the divinities were free of constraints and acted as they wished. These actions destroyed the world, which was saved only when Arachne Solara arranged the Great Compromise, devoured chaos, and gave birth to Time. The Red Goddess, reborn within recent history, sometimes claims to have special powers of Time but such boasts have never been backed by action.

Trickster - Trickster has many names, shapes, and forms. If a man ever learned and understood all the stories about Trickster he would be either the wisest man in the world or the most foolish.

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