In the Great Exhibition Hall of Kakstan's

Here's a little push forward of what's happening, and some other detail.

Once the Seven Tools rise up off the floor, Brennian gestures and seven Lhankor Mhy assistants standing around the periphery of the ritual approach seven large, sealed stoneware urns along the edge. They tear off a rope of tarry cord that surrounds and seals the lids.

A line of magical light starts coalescing from the statue at the center toward each of the Tools, and beyond, out through the Hall's walls in seven different directions.

Senech continues to sneak through the ritual, coin in hand. The bright lights and flashing colors make him hard to see, or perhaps it's the bright gold glow coming from the coin he has grabbed.

As the apprentices open the Urns, each of the Tools starts to drift toward an urn, a different one for each tool. Senech can feel it tugging him, but it's not in the direction of the statue, so I'm sure he goes against it.

Once each of the tools except the coin are lined up near an urn, the assistants begin removing the lids. The assistant nearest the coin's urn begins making magical gestures, then starts staring intently (and with a shocked look on his face) at Senech. But he still removes his lid in time with the other six assistants.

Instantly all seven urns crack and break open. The assistants and the ritualists all look shocked for a moment, then frightened. From out of the broken urns, tentacles emerge and their contents are revealed to be walktapi! One per urn, and much smaller than pictured, but still very tough, since they regenerate and often exude poison gas. Fright on faces turns to horror as instantly, three of the apprentices are grabbed and torn apart by chaotic tentacles. At the same time, the light intensifies, pulsing out through the walls of the Hall.

Walktapi are mindless things, so it is very strange that the one nearest Brennian knocks him down, throws him across the room, then reaches toward the Silver Cup, grabbing it.

From where Brennian lies bleeding, he yells "close the ritual! End it!" The light pulses all the brighter as the priests and acolytes start frantic ritual magic as their guards (and you) try to keep them safe from the seven walktapi. Six really, as the one with the cup whips its head around defensively, but does not attack anyone.

As each of you (except Senech) runs toward some walktapus or another, your hair stands on end as the ritualists and the statue begin to act. The Seven Tools start back to their places if they can. The light grows to a peak, especially along the two adjoining lines through the Silver Cup and the Gold Coin. Senech feels the pull. So does the walktapus. With a flash, Senech and the odd Walktapus are drawn up along their respective lines, and you all see them flash by, receding with magical speed as the light leaves the room and the remaining five Tools recede back into the mosaic on the floor, leaving those of you in the room to deal with the six remaining walktapi.

Senech and the odd walktapus are gone, as is the Silver Cup and the Gold Coin.

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A day at the museum

After the light fades and Senech and the walktapus wink out, a sock on the floor (clearly senech's) says "you guys are gonna need bigger urns".

Wild Day of Fertility Week in Sea Season

A week after the Green Age Union at the Pavis Temple, On Wild Day of Fertility Week in Sea Season, Brennian-Ker, a younger brother Grey Sage, confidant of Pavis’ Daughter/Priest, Broosta, a born and bred Pavisite, begins to manage his “Reconnection Ritual” under the protection of the Rass heroes (including the Champion of Pavis) at Kakstan’s Art Museum. His goal is to restore some truth or regain lost knowledge and discernment (“to find the way”) in that large man-side structure while the Rass heroes guard his fellow Llankor Mhy scholars.

Within these open rooms, some with ceilings but no walls, Brennian-Ker’s Security Investigator, Gara, thick-necked and tanned, would come and go. Will I Am, Rasa, Oshun and Speth are each given a designated area to protect and instructions not to stray or else endanger the ritual.

Will sees the Museum like a page torn from a book of poetry, standing alone, yet in need of repair. From his vantage point between rooms he feels the urge to begin reconstruction work. Speth has a sense of enemies inside as she guards the main entrance. Oshun, Rasa and Senech take their places as well. Everyone is fascinated by the ornamented designs, art and statuary.

Gara draws chalk circles around the heroes’ designated areas, one for Speth at the main entrance, another for Will at the ceremony site, one each for Oshun, Rasa and Senech at their doorways to the room where the ritual will take place. This exhibit hall has a broken stained glass ceiling although the framework still lattices across the space from where the broken stained glass fell. This room still contains paintings plus status and a tiled mosaic on the floor.

Late morning sunlight begins reflecting through the remaining glass, creating wild colors and patterns on the participants. Air moving through the building feels harmonious. The Llankor Mhy scholars work their divine magic and the light intensifies through the atrium roof. As the strong light moves across artwork, some of which were brought in for this, those pieces are restored.

Real flowers grow out of a still life and Senech takes advantage of this opportunity, while everyone else is distracted, to take advantage of a crated statue. Not one of the six senior initiates, their six assistants or Gara notices Senech putting the moves on that unwary statue as the shifting light trasforms art into animated or living things; a statue breathes, a plant bears fruit and smells sweet, a picture of a sun actually shines, 7 design elements from the mosaic floor rise up to become real 3 dimensional objects.

Hovering in the air on a beam of light is a gold coin, a silver cup, a builder’s square, an architect’s compass, a mason’s adze, a key and a measuring staff. In order to collect these sacred symbols of Pavis’ perfect city, assistants break the seals on seven clay urns to open them. As that happens, the urns shatter. Seven Waktopi stand where the broken pieces fall to the floor. One takes the silver cup and looks around, which is odd for the Waktpus is a mindless creature of chaos, not known for thoughtful observation. In the midst of this confusion, no one notices Senech take the gold coin.

People and tentacled waktopi begin to move, but the 5 remaining, untouched items descend back into their original spots in the tiled mosaic floor. The Waktopus with the silver cup and Senech with the gold coin are suddenly transported elsewhere by magical beams of light intersecting the central statue leaving six waktopi that grab three screaming assistants and tear them apart before anyone can save them. The Rass heroes lash out in response to this horrific attack. Will casts “Otherworldly Stoning” on a piece of city rock and hurls it toward the nearest waktopus shouting, “Taste stone and begone, chaos beast!” Oshun’s flaming spear plus Rasa’s arcane power and Speth’s vengeful axe soon rend the waktopi into pieces which burn away even while they try to wriggle back together. Brennian’s disrupted ceremony has yielded valuable information plus 2 ancient artifacts but at the cost of three lives and endangering the entire city for no one could say where Senech and the missing Waktopus might be. Each one, on the loose, constituted a menace and a threat, respectively.

Using a highly developed feat of knowing any Pavic location, Will I Am determines that the line of light that transported the Waktopus through the statue went in the direction of the old market, which is symbolized by the silver cup. The Rass Heroes regroup and began to exit Kakstan’s Art Museum. Five Sartarites, who had just arrived at the Rass Manor and not finding the Champion at home, make their way to the Museum in haste, meeting them at the entrance.

The largest of them speaks saying, “My name is Gortor and I bring word from Kalyr, the rightful Prince of Sartar. Orthan, Curstin, Jimel, Daran and myself traveled as her emissaries to represent Kalyr and to be her voice in Pavis. I see that you are engaged in a matter of utmost urgency. Therefore, I will lend my support, for I have deemed you a worthy companion.” Gortor appears to be a big man in his 20’s and a wheeler-dealer Thunder Brother wearing magic boots and aspected by the mobility rune.

In a minute, the visiting allies are brought up to date regarding the Waktopi’s surprise attack and how the gold coin, known as the Mark and representing the city mint plus the silver cup, known as the cup of measures and representing the city market are missing. These sacred symbols of Pavis could be used for or against the city, especially in light of the fact that the old market has become a dangerous place, now called the devil’s playground due to its current denizens, chaos beasts called Broo. It became apparent to all that trouble was brewing in the old market/devil’s playground.

When the Champion indicated that he wanted to see what was occurring at the devil’s playground, Gortor took him by the hand and “stepped up” to the roof so that, in their new found vantage, they could observe hundreds of Broo plus other chaos monsters and an avatar of a chaos god called a Kacademon, chanting and sacrificing living creatures in the center of the old market. Will I Am is shocked by the horrific scene before he even notices a figure on a dais of corpses. Then he swears under his breath, “Pavis, spare us all from the return of Garjairazen.”

It is known that hundreds of years ago, Gabenrazen, the imposter and Garjairazen, the servitor sewed vampiric terror in the city. They spread death and destruction wherever they went until a fearless group of dwarven, elven and human heroes sacrificed themselves in combat against that unholy pair so that a priestess of Tikora Tek could inter them all in the dark earth and seal them away from the world. What isn’t generally known is that Senech cracked the seal, inadvertently releasing those two and their evil deeds back into the world.

Gortor “steps down” and returns the Champion to the other heroes, still waiting on the ground. Gortor states, “I’m gonna get that head!” Will I Am directs his companions to “gather your forces because there is no time to call for further allies. If it isn’t too late, we must disrupt that evil ceremony. Rain down fire upon their heads and slice them up. The time to act is now!”

Oshun rides to the Rass Manor for his faithful lancers and young riders while Speth calls for her avenging axe maidens. Will uses his command of the Brothers of the Champion’s Hall to direct them down from Temple Hill, across the Troll Bridge to flank the gathering of chaos beasts at the northeast side of the market in order to cut off any retreat back through the marsh to Ogre Island. Gortor takes a “step back” to the Rass Manor and asks for a bundle of spears. When he returns to the forward most position near the market where Will I Am is, Gortor groups them point down and then takes a giant “step up” to a cloud. As he starts to fall with his armload of spears, Gortor lets go and takes a “step down” to the ground. Everything is about to bust loose.

Oshun and his forces reach Mani’s Fort and pick up a small herd of large Bison Broo who give them chase. He and his company circle the fort and ride straight into the Broo herd’s flank, killing most of them and scattering the rest. Gortor reappears, looking wide-eyed, past Will I Am and into the bushes behind the Champion before “stepping away” again. Will I Am turns, casting otherworldly stoning and is surprised when his thrown rock hits the ground. When that causes dust to rise up, the gritty cloud reveals to the Champion the outline of a humanoid shape stalking him.

Speth and her followers make their way through the rubble to discover a trap being laid for Oshun and his zebra riders. As she surprises these Krarshteds in the midst of sabotaging a retaining wall, a humanoid spits sticky goo at her. She deflects it with her shield, backs out of that booby-trapped area and throws an axe at the wall. It begins to shake, so everyone in the vicinity scrambles away as fast as they can. Oshun notices spears falling from sky and also sees his second choice route become impassable as the wall collapses in a cloud of broken stone and mortar.

WilI Am attempts to “Frighten Foreigner” with Pavis magic, but it doesn’t seem to frighten the stalker away, so the Champion casts “Tireless Blade” upon his spear point and defends himself from the nearly invisible, but threatening entity. Will I Am’s spear bites deeply into the vaguely outlined menace and its magic fails revealing a twisted human with broo horns upon its head and two open faced bags at its side, each containing a human head. The Champion drives his spear all the way through the monster’s spine and it dies a well-deserved death.

Will spots Speth and her axe maidens racing toward the congregation of broo and other chaos beasts in the devil’s playground. The Champion casts “Tireless Labor” upon himself in order to keep up with them as they punch their way through the mass of malevolent monsters. Oshun uses his “Light the Way” magic while his archers send waves of flaming arrows down on the horrible hordes of chaos creatures. Gortor is seen cutting the head off of the Kacademon with his sword. Garjairazen holds the silver cup of measure and shouts at it, attempting complex magic to make it appear that he has permission and the right to awaken the Daemon of the market even as a shroud of darkness descends upon the entire area, dimming the sunlight from the sky.

Will I Am speaks up and announces, “The Champion of Pavis calls forth the daemon of the market!” The cup is thrown to the ground and swallowed by the earth only to emerge from the earth in the Champion’s left-handed glove of catching and holding. Oshun’s lance of flame burns Garjairazen’s darkness away while Speth and her followers cut a swath through the dismayed chaos beasts. As the heroes close in on Garjairazen, he attempts to flee his dais made of corpses. Speth’s throwing axe cleaves his left arm from his body as the evil vampire runs away from the approaching heroes.
Anyone watching closely could see Senech dragging the detached limb away from the market.

Will I Am calls on the Market Daemon to “Loose your earth blood and earth breath from below the ground, where it has built up lo these many centuries. Snare Garjairazen with it that the defenders of Pavis may burn him.” No oil or swamp gas erupts to consume Garjairazen in a huge fireball. Instead the Market Daemon replies, “Today’s market totals are zero.” Will stares at the silver cup of measure and sees an eyeball inside staring back at him. At that moment, Garjairazen dives into a Krarshted tunnel and disappears from sight.

Will immediately attempts to pour the eye out of the cup and into the flames on a burning corpse. White, milky smoke billows up and gathers into a 6' diameter sphere above the burning corpse. Will I Am feels immanent danger and calls out a warning to his allies, “Beware the eye!” Speth is close by so she and her followers call on their Goddess, Babeestor Gor to rend open the earth and consume the malevolent orb. They swing their axes to the ground and a 15’ wide gash appears in the ground. Dead bodies tumble in and suddenly reanimate, trying to climb out. Other corpses begin to move and the masses of undead threaten the heroes.

Then Speth and her axe maidens lift their weapons skyward, calling on Babeestor Gor to close the fissure and claim the undead forever on her “Screaming Isle.” Not only doesn’t the chasm close up, but the magical backlash knocks Speth out and her followers into the yawning crevice. Will I Am sees water down below with undead broo reaching out, grabbing the unconscious axe maidens and pulling them under. In desperation, the Champion hurls a Pavis blessed rock at the zombie broo below, but only manages to sink one smoldering undead broo before the axe maidens are dragged from the surface. The situation is so frightful that even Will I Am is sore afraid and at a loss for saving them until Oshun speaks with a “Voice of the Kahn” ordering Will I Am to “Act!”

Oshun and his men protect a catatonic Speth from the advancing groups of undead chaos beasts and the Champion considers securing himself with a rope and plunging down into the depths in an attempt to rescue Speth’s followers, but Oshun talks him out of that foolish decision. After Speth’s Sisters from the Shrine of Uncompromising Rage sink under the water 60’ below the market, pupiless eyeballs float up, bobbing on the surface. One last Broo, caught in the roots of a twisted shrub on the side of the fissure, with an eye on the tip of each horn croaks out, “Now He Sees” over and over until Oshun puts it out of its misery with a burning lance of flame. On the way out of the devil’s playground, milky white eyes can be seen everywhere, staring in all directions.

Once back at the Rass Manor, the Chalana Arroy healers sing their comfort song. It helps Speth while preparations are made to break the paralyzing grip of evil that binds her. For Will I Am, the comfort song is the closest thing to the Green Age of anything not in the Green Age that he has ever heard. Even the Three Bean Circus song didn’t bear as much of a resemblance to the Green Age as this. Everyone feels wonderful, despite the horrors of the day and the awful fate of Speth’s sisters. To Speth, it is both wonderful and jarring at the same time.

Will I Am writes out a brief note for the Pavis Temple Priests to inform them that “the cup of measure is recovered from Garjairazen as he escaped down a Krarshted tunnel. Speth’s Axe Maidens are lost in the waters below and Senech speaks in his own voice, without any sock puppet while the Chalana Arroy healers sing their comfort song.” At dawn, Speth is healed. The heroes discuss the possibility that the chasm is a way to begin Deep Root Willow’s bride-price quest to “Purify the waters below” which Cam saw in his elven mushroom induced vision.

Soc'o'senech's story

"Senech, where the hell are we? How you plan on getting us outta here? Who was that guy that...hey, why are you dropping your pants? By the 3 toed Toad-god! we've already done that 6 times today!"

Sex Scene

Ha Ha Ha hilarious.
I couldn't stop laughing for a long time and Beth asked what's so funny, but when I read it to her in Senech's sock voice she didn't get it.
So I said, "You had to be there."

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