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Westhill Clan

Westhill Background info

If you've got reference or background info for Chris' game, put it here.


The Capitol of Esrolia.

Westhill Tula Sheep Pasture

The Westhill Exiles

Art by Kirk Gisiner, scanning and cleanup by me.

Downriver Because Everina Says So

After all that mess with the local queen–she was really nice but it took a long time–we got back on the road south. We followed the river 'cause that's where the crokamonster came from and Everina knew that trolls and other dark things were down south.

Pony was really happy to be on the road again. He likes our new spare gelding, they get along great. With good weather too the trip was nice until we saw lots of smoke coming from a village just a little out of our way.

Everina said we should go, which is good because I think Ulric was going to go anyway, and if Everina didn't want to that would have been pretty noisy. So in we go with me and Emarjan riding up the center. I think it was him. Pony and me were in the front so I'm not sure. I know everybody else went around the flanks and some of them got off their horses, which I can understand because who would want to ride anywhere near a fight on some little tiny horse that isn't Pony?

Watch Duty at the High Meadow Tower

Since I always volunteer and no one else likes my friend Ulric and because he is young and weird, me and Ulric and Imarjan had early morning watch duty the day after the Harvest Feast. I rode out on Pony, who got an extra apple so he was happy.  It was quiet for a while. Me and Imarjan played tic-tac-toe. But around lunch Ulric spotted a monster swimming upriver. Imarjan rang the alarm. Lickety-split it came out of the water and tried to eat Ulric, biting him on the leg. I hit it in the head with one of Hedkoranth's Stones, but the scaly thing kept going.  It made me mad that this monster wanted to eat Ulric, so I did a Big Jump, grabbed it by the tail, lifted it up and smashed its head in like a kid would with a rat. This thing was much bigger than that, of course.  The riding watch heard the alarm and came, and we took Ulric back to the stead to be healed.

Big Varu's Story

My name is Big Varu. I am a shield thane of the Westhill Clan of the Emarjela tribe. Knock knock Shield Knockers! Westhill lands are all over the southern hills of the Skyreach mountains. We raise cattle and sheep and plant oats and some wheat in the lower valleys.  Some people say I'm not smart enough to be a thane, but I know that the grandmothers always trust my word and that no one ever hurt a child of our clan while I'm around.  Pony the Horse is my bestest friend in the whole world. You'll see why as I tell my story.  As you can see, I'm a big strong guy, blessed by Voganth.

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