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Lunar Empire

Chaos Horror Owns It


Shame and Secrets in Dorkath

We ran some Dorkath last night, with Vilavendesh being given a delicate mission by his father, which took him to the White Tower Long Staff temple of Ulkamoon to find some trustworthy and discreet assistance. A preceptor of Arimtasus was also there, seeking the same from Lord Eppah. Unknown to the two, they both seek the same thing.

Toward evening, Lord Eppah heard from his Grass Skirt Girls that mobs are probably going to be out tonight in the neighborhood of the Twin Mountains Resort, angry because of the bizarre appearance of dangerous hunterbirds  in the fields surrounding the city. So Vilavendesh, who is on his way to the resort, will probably be killed by the mob unless Eppah gets out there to protect him. Mobs of angry Darjiini don't look kindly on foreign Dara Happan nobles wandering around. They're probably Alkothi spies, in the mob's opinion.

Empracio Moonbred

Here's a character sheet for Empracio, as best I could decode it.

There's lots of stuff on here that wasn't on your sheet. Preceptors get access to The Rufus Scripts and to Lunar Charms. I've left off a few of the spells in the Scripts (like "Bless Cow") and just because all the charms are listed, that doesn't mean you have one of each--only that you can make them. You also have to read the blessings and curses from a copy of The Rufus Scripts , which, even though they're lunar magic, are used like sorcery spells.

Other things in italics are either new for your use or not (like the virtues from Arimtasus that you hadn't listed) or things I couldn't decipher.

Serenjada the Pure Red Voice

Speaker for the local followers of the New Pure Red fanatics, Serenjada's powerful speaking voice and vision of a truly Lunar world is thought to be madness by right-thinking folk. With most of her following in the Woodtwine Cities of Darjiin, few among the weeders have any experience with the strange persuasiveness of her "New, Healed or Red Gods only!" arguments.

Only now are her previously small Red Rallies starting to draw the concern of the Satrap's bureaucrats and the Manimat councils.


Darjiini Warrior, Executioner Specialty, Follower of Kotor

Goals: Kill 27 Orlanthi Thanes, be mistress of a Chieftan, have a daughter to show the way.

Rural Survival
Know Local Area

Spear Fighting
Knife Fighting
Recognize Foe
Run Hard

Kills Quickest

Hates Ria Bonesplitter the Babeester Gori
Hate Heortlings

Painfully Beautiful
Professional Pleasurist as Cover
Turns Pain into Pleasure
Hypnotic Eyes

Resent Dara Happans
Fear Dragons

Kotori Fetishes:
Sudden Strike
Poison Fang
Twist and Writhe
Chilling Hiss
Unblinking Gaze

Common Magic Charms
Repel Insect
Snake Quick
breathe underwater
Sleep Unseen

Two Snake Fang Daggers
Bedazzling Loincloth
Snake Tattoos

Darjiini Baths

A Dorkathi nobleman discusses bathing:

How unsurprising that such a barbarous spot would be unable to provide a full spectrum of civilized bathing, as is available only in the most civilized city in the world - Dorkath! While rightly famous for its public system of wine plumbing and attractive spring festivals, true sybarites know of the Six Blessed Baths and the Four Proper Temperatures which may be combined into the Twenty-three Healthful Baths (and the Twenty-Fourth Final Bath, which is not healthful.)

The Six Blessed Baths:

  • Water
  • Mud
  • Milk
  • Honey
  • Oil
  • Air

That poor exile did manage to get the Four Temperatures correct.

The Twenty-Fourth Final Bath is, of course, the Hot Oil Treatment. After it, you never have to worry about problems with your hair again.

Darjiin Resources

Here's a link to the bio/player intro/cheat sheet for the Satrap of Darjiin, a character in a LARP game. I use most of this and anything you read there that I don't use can just be described as incorrect rumor.

Note that the Satrap (also called sultan)'s court is normally at Haranshold, not Dorkath.

Life in Dorkath is for Adults

The soap opera continues...

With nothing better to do Captain Hordell-Wa of the Single Shot Brigade has been going on weekly night rampages in the Brown Street District. People are getting tired of him.

As of this month 17 seemingly health fishermen have fallen ill with strange hard-muscle afflictions that have defied explanation or cure.

Pimps, Preachers and Pit Vipers

The objective of the Dorkath game is to provide an alternate setting when we lack a quorum in the regular campaign. As such, it must be fast paced, episodic and easily picked up.   

Our Heroes

Current Events in Dorkath    

A noble landholder and Patriarch of Vilavandesh's Amber Mountain Hawk League tours the Satrapy, with court and attendants. Rumors fly about them being forward spies of an invasion from Alkoth.   

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