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In Shadows Dance

Playing Around at Stellarcon

Stellarcon seemed small to me, but maybe that was just the overtaxed elevators.

Downtown High Point is not a great place for a con. No good dinner restaurants in walking distance and Elm Street Café, the only good lunch place, closed on Sunday. I completely failed to find a place to buy wine, which meant at one point Saturday night I actually drank a Miller lite. I had forgotten how it doesn't taste even a little like beer.

Food at the Raddison restaurant was just OK, and as is typical for a hotel restaurant, was overpriced for what you got. Joys of a captive market.

Into the Ruins and at the Temple

After a short delay, the Heroes met up just inside the Wyvern Gate. Rasa was no where to be found.

Moving toward the Real City, the Unicorn Riders broke off and continued toward their temple. Betira spoke her farewell to Oshun. "Your stalwart press of the center carried the day. I will not forget the bravery of you and your riders. My priestess, Morganeth shall hear your name." With that she departed.

Now the heroes stood before the gates of the Real City, which was clearly on high alert. All the pavisites could feel the tingle of agitated, watchful daimones guarding the gate.

Will I Am approached at the fore, and a guard called down the traditional greeting. "Peace of Pavis unto you. Who comes to the gates?"

Will gathered the blessings of Pavis around him, so that his aura of belonging would have been palpable to the least sensitive initiate. And more, he drew forth the first harp string of the Ivory Harp and let it sound. Ethereal echos and vibrations sounded from the gates and from more distant places. In short order the gate's postern opened and guards exited to protect the heroes as they guided their mounts through the gate.

Before they all finished getting into the city, one of Broosta's senior aides had arrived, looking like he had hurried. He escorted the heroes to the temple without delay.

Once inside the crystal dome of the old temple, worshippers left the outsiders. They continued on into the sacred precincts of the temple, where a ceremony already called for Pavis' aid. Oshun and his riders joined the outer supporters, but Will continued in until he was before the Holy of Holies, the altar and seat of Pavis.

There five of the seven Pavis priests worked their sacrifices and prayers. One spot was empty--Cyrillius Harmonius was not present. Ginkizzie was also absent, but a dwarf worshipper of Flintnail stood in his place.

Will I Am took in the ceremony, considering whether he should do more than aid it with his devotion. Watching it, he had a profound realization: he was the answer to their prayers. With that in mind, he layered his magics and awareness on, and entered the ceremony.

A timeless feeling of oneness enveloped him and he understood the entire purpose and direction of the ceremony. But now that he was here, another possibility existed. Rather than attempting the difficult reach across the ruins to the Flintnail temple, the priests and Will could invest Pavis' power in some of those here, now that there were enough warriors and magicians present to take up that burden and leave the temple.

His vision swayed the collected priests, who worked together to invest their chosen with the power of the city. Feeling the link to all those who aided the ceremony, Will and the priests also picked out one other member of the congregation to bear the powers of the god across the city and to Flintnail. They sensed him only as a nameless initiate among the crowd in the temple, but the power of his spirit and the firmness of his devotion made it clear he was a good choice.

The ceremony concluded successfully, and all those chosen to carry Pavis' power felt it invested in them, as if each of them rode a wave of the god's will. They could feel each other as well as the god.

The decision to include the unknown initiate seemed wiser still when they actually saw him. He was a tall man, broad shouldered and armed as a thane with mail and leather. A sun-browned face had seen many hard things, but his eyes were still clear if his beard had the first touch of gray in it.  Even now with the wind stopped and most proclaiming Orlanth dead, he wore the marks of the King of the Storms. Gathering together, the stranger spoke.

"Peace of Pavis. Friends, you are well met. It is a grim time, and we all need help."

"My name is Argrath of Pavis, and I am returned from the Cradle."

-Requests of Ice Fist

Ice Fist relented at the proud and fierce defiance from the Heroes. "I am merciless, but even so I recognize debts I owe. So each of you may ask some boon of me. Have a care not to ask of me such things I cannot provide!"

Garusharp requested the aid of Ice Fist at some time in the future. The spirit sucked in a huge breath and hacked up a ball of ice. "Break this at your time of need and I will come. Once. Be certain you want me."

Oshun asked for a share of Ice Fist's Magic, and received a spirit fetish.

-A Deal on Ice

Ice Fist turned away from the lunars who acted as his "councillors" and the one who is his daughter. He casually trampled a few of the surviving supporters of the councillors, some froze solid as he passed, and several of the goat men got actively stamped into an icy paste as he took out his displeasure on them. The Llama riders, being mounted, generally escaped with better grace than the goat men and the servants to the councillors, though some of Gerendtho's sons used their odd magic to escape successfully.
Members of the Rass hero band were scattered around the chamber, fighting, injured, frozen or worse.

Cooperative Quest Creation

I've set up the Pavis Defeats Thog heroquest as a "book" on this site. Anyone with a membership to the site can log in and alter the text. The quest needs lots of fleshing out, so have at! If you aren't comfortable with adding formatting, then just add the straight text and I'll format it.

Any member is welcome to add their own quest outline here, for others to help flesh out.

Search for Flintnail

Black Moment/Dark Night
A vision of the city in ruins/under siege then destroyed in darkness.
Pavis loses hope for a day and a night
He regrets loss of Flintnail, is spurred to action.
Searching for Flintnail, Pavis & statue approach wall
discovers Flintnail is not dead
Flintnail has a message of hope
Thog refuses to return Flintnail or to hand over the city.

March to Confrontation

Second Threshold
Pavis is now a power, yet must flee the dark
New powers & old rally around & against
Trolls of various clans on both sides
Zorak Zoran
Chaos Beasts are all possible
With the appearance of an unexpected ally, Pavis leaves Shadows Dance and recrosses the desert to come before the walls of Pavis.
A Bloody Handed Warrior makes an appearance.

Awakening the Statue

Travel to Dagori Inkarth
Proves he means no harm
worked with troll mother to bolster her status
by having a healthy child.
This child is, of course, Gerak Kag.

Awakening the Statue
Dangerous procedure, involves mating

On the throne:
"Who am I to do anything at all? What use is any action in a world without love?"
Symbolizes the arising of the statue
The ancients say the statue denied love
Pavis recognizes that it denied the validity of a world without love

Home in Adari

Call to adventure
Adari born, pavis lives among the elves in the vale of flowers. He leaves the empire to seek answers to his true nature with his companion flintnail and the openhandists.

Doesn't want to go
rejects EWF for forcing obedience
"If only they would ask me nicely to surgically alter my tongue and mess with my mind."

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