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Serenjada the Pure Red Voice

Speaker for the local followers of the New Pure Red fanatics, Serenjada's powerful speaking voice and vision of a truly Lunar world is thought to be madness by right-thinking folk. With most of her following in the Woodtwine Cities of Darjiin, few among the weeders have any experience with the strange persuasiveness of her "New, Healed or Red Gods only!" arguments.

Only now are her previously small Red Rallies starting to draw the concern of the Satrap's bureaucrats and the Manimat councils.

More Inspiration

What I'm not sure if is whose game it may be inspiration for.

Apple - Trailers - The Host - Trailer

It looks completely hilarious.

The Westhill Exiles

Art by Kirk Gisiner, scanning and cleanup by me.

The Beloved of Hercine

“Yelm, Manimat and the Spirits of Darjiin guide and protect us.”

In all the Empire, no family or organization so perfectly embodies the principles of the Goddess as we of the sweet Red Apple League, who are Beloved of Hercine. Like the name itself, we combine the powers of the New Moon with the ancient spirits and tradition of our home land, as we bring the Red of the Moon’s Way to the apples of our patron, Hercine the nymph of Dorkath. Our greatest leaders come from ancient House DuroEbro, inheritors of the blood of Manimat who honor the traditions of Dara Happa. But we have lived in Darjiin for more than ten generations and we recall how the simple people of the land and river protected our noble bloodline from the horrors of Sheng. From their example we have learned to honor our gods, noble ancestors and the spirits of the land we oversee for the Satrap.

Common Names and interests

Red Apple League of Dorkath


Player Hero Opportunity

Children of the decadent house DuroEbro often find themselves placed in charge of complex, sometimes esoteric household interests with no more appropriate skills than Order Lackey.

Hero Band Opportunity

Any colorful or exotic band might appeal to the capricious and increasingly desperate interests of the nobles in house DuroEbro. A band of cunning operators with their ears to the ground could find a wealthy, influential household interested in any number of wild schemes to injure their rivals and restore their past dispensations from the Manimati Council and the Satrap.

Manimati Council of Dorkath

Hercine Vintners Leage of Darjiin

Heart of the Star Dragon Shamanic Exploration Society

Ulkamoon’s Temple of Noble Defense in Dorkath

Judges of the Red Staff Carnival

Temple of Fecund Orypsus

Game Material

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Discussing and Investigating the Curse

Long Discussion of the River

The Rass siblings spent a great deal of time brainstorming methods of making "the river reach the tower's top." They experimented with some mundane ways of doing this, and had no success, but a bucket of water pulled from the Zola Fel did turn out to have a tiny tentacled gorp in it, which took some magic to kill.

The Rass siblings entered the tower again.
Kruly could not enter the tower even now, though the rest of the Rass could. They examined the positions of the dead, including their ancestors. They had some luck reconstructing the progress of the battle.

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