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That which is neither logistical, rules nor particularly related to in-character material
55 144 2 years 36 weeks ago
by gamer
Nuts and bolts of HeroQuest, as related to the Rass and other games of mine.
15 114 2 years 40 weeks ago
by mike
1 4 10 years 29 weeks ago
by Khan-Seeker
Mike Dawson started running Hero Wars in the fall of 99 or spring of 2000. That game still runs, though some players have changed. It averages 40 sessions a year, with over 200 sessions so far.
Game scheduling, meal planning, attendance. NO IN GAME MATERIAL!
17 103 2 weeks 16 hours ago
by mike
In-game material, questions, etc. In-character discussion encouraged!
82 703 35 weeks 3 hours ago
by gamer
For the short term game to take place in Garusharp's home land
10 160 12 years 7 weeks ago
by Rasa
This one is about, well, other games. Starting with Chris'.
24 170 2 years 43 weeks ago
by Khan-Seeker
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by Speth BloodDrinker