Croly calls the Pavis Tradition

Croly has Called the Tradition, an act unprecedented in the past decade. All shamans of the Pavic tradition have agreed to attend to discuss some momentous issue affecting all of Pavis, and YOU get to play one of the participants! Note that Ladag Slywind, the first shaman listed, is NOT invited to this event.

The format is : Clan intro

Barlo's clan. Poor but noble, though not an ancient house. Dominated by Orlanth worshippers, so out of favor with the Lunars, even though none have been outlawed. Noted for a cloud spirit that protects the household. They have many relatives among the Kheldon tribe in Sartar.

Ladag Slywind is a Kolating shaman of the Ofuhn. He hunts Gagarthi (The Wild Hunter wind) and Urani (Bad Wind spirits.) Not traditionally part of the Pavic Tradition, his ancestors and spirits are foreign to the city and he has never been invited to the Call of the Tradition. Nevertheless, he is known to you and the Tradition.

The whole family disappeared in 1244 and were presumed killed and eaten by the trolls. Much to everyone's surprise, they reappeared in 1550. They don't talk about where they were during the Troll Occupation. Unsurprisingly, they've gotten a reputation as self-centered shirkers who abandoned the city when things were at their worst.

Kir the Oldest says he has lived since the time of Pavis, and knows many of the Tradition's spirits since their first embodiment.

Very friendly with the High Llama tribe, which is something of a trick. They sell yarn and carpets to the Semm, with whom they are extensively intermarried.

Btaa Many-Voices is the only woman in the Tradition Council, noted for her ability to give clear communication from the spirit world.

Noted as great hunters and worshippers of Foundchild, which means they have friends among the Nomads. They supply much of the riverfowl to the city's markets.

Coj Blesses Arrows found his fetch late in life, after years of acting as his clan's Master Hunter. His skills with the Spirit World are not as great as his years suggest. Nevertheless, he is bold in seeking spirits Out There.