Brothers of the Champion's Hall

Wealth 18
Has yet to determine what resources it has, or how to leverage them. Has spent what it has to reinforce its defensive preparations.

Communication 18
The Brothers have yet to prove themselves to other communities, but owe few favors.

Morale 9W
The Brothers are all zealots, magically aware that every other brother has their back. They believe in a resurgent Pavis. Their unity is remarkable to outsiders, considering they dress like rag-tag bandits, are from widely disparate backgrounds and even species, and have a history of cataclysmic defeats.

War 20
While membership is still small and drilling has been nearly nonexistent, many members bring strong fighting skills.

Magic 14W
As One offers powerful abilities to the membership and every member is a devotee of Pavis or some allied god, spirit or sorcerous school.

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This Makes Sense

It was suggested that Drozal's donation would pay members until this organization becomes self-sufficient.
Inventory left over from Zorak Zoran occupation includes powerful weapons. Loot from Affengang raid was never tallied up either.
Will got a bee ring and two stuffed Hippogriffs, but the Brothers did not end up with anything, but could have found something useful.

Time to prove the worth of their worth and collect some favors!
Like Marshals of the old west, each according to his/her home base, Brothers patrol their given area, protecting citizens.
This can make up for gaps in city security caused by Power of Healing Will patrols drawing back to the Rass Manor.

The reconstituted Brothers have a history of 2 wins - 0 loss.
The former group did suffer many losses, but this group defeated Jaldonite invaders and their Affengang allies in two separate battles.

On the job-training will have to do, for now. For now, strategy sessions take place during meals as brothers figure out how best to combine their talents.
Then groups of 5-10 patrol familiar territory. Uz around Temple Hill, Aldryami near the Garden, keeping watchful eyes on the Devil's Playground, Zola Fel initiates working at the river, etc.

Got to like that magic rating!

The overall Seasonal goal for the Brothers of the Champions Hall is to work together toward raising its War rating through organized patrols and encounters with bandits and broo.
This could also result in favors owed by those who are protected/rescued. This could also result in some wealth recovered from criminals if it cannot be returned to its rightful owners.
Practicing with their mighty weapons plus strategy sessions about what to do in hypothetical situations against: Bandits, Broo, Ghosts, Lunars and foreign adventurers prepare them for those encounters.

A hard way to go

Your method of improving War (using War) is a hard way to do it, but can work. Though you're wishy washy: are they to focus on drill practice or patrol experience? The latter is the harder way to go.

Think of these seasonal moves as framing the contest. "strategy sessions take place during meals as brothers figure out how best to combine their talents" is an example of explaining how you might be achieving a goal and that's excellent. BUT it's not the same as "We dedicate our Communication to increasing our War."

When you use a resource for a season to increase a resource, I think there are typically a few results:

All goes as planned, roll for the increase at the end of the season.
External events require use of the resource instead, your attempt either fails automatically, you deal with multiple opponent penalties, or the external event occurs to the community's detriment.

Let's Think Of It This Way:

Even though The Brothers of the Champion's Hall are not the police, they are an official group that functions like municipal law enforcement/safety officers. When they are not with their respective families, they live together like modern firefighters and military personnel in their quarters at the Champion's Hall. Before, during and after taking a meal together there are strategy sessions where members relate their experiences with various enemies and situations. That certainly involves the group's communication skill rating and training takes place to practice the techniques needed to confront those opponents. Some of that training includes using the recently recovered armor and weapons in the Brothers' inventory (from the Z.Z. "tribute hole" such as the:

42 bronze helmets plus 8 iron daggers and knives (some as large as short swords) and 9 iron spearheads (now mounted on elven spear shafts).

There is also a two-handed maul called "Skull Crusher" made of ivory (knuckle bone) and used in rituals. Its magic has yet to be determined.

Finally, there is a five-foot long, two-handed iron sword called "Troll Bane" that only the strongest sword fighter can wield effectively.

Then plans are made to patrol a predetermined area, taking into account what to expect and how to manage the occupants.

Is this the Brotherhood of the Champion's Hall War rating augmented by Communication or the other way around?

"We dedicate our communication to increasing our war"

This was originally from 2015, but I changed "yet been determined" to "yet to be determined" in order to make sense.


this makes me wonder if the Brothers of the Champion's hall is warband. Or are you not officially a warband unless you have a wyter?


It Is a war band; complete with a wyter (Little Green Elder) whose Awareness plus Attack and Defense are all "As One"

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