A Bright Future!

Ijadela New Way is some young courtier left over from Sor-eel's reign who has managed to attach herself to the retinue of Duke Raus. Unfailingly chipper, outgoing and friendly, she seems peculiarly at peace with her homeland being under the heel of Imperial domination. A convert to the Lunar Way, she was even educated in the Empire at the expense of the Provincial Government. With nothing better (or at all) to do, she has apparently appointed herself the caravan's hospitality hostess, checking in on everyone, encouraging people to mingle, and talking about the upcoming ceremony. "It is important that all know about the great work, the progress it will bring, and the harmony for all people coming soon! So you need to know, to be aware, so you may be in the proper mindset to witness this amazing day." Behind her back, others joke that "She ended up in Pavis because she's just so damn annoying."

From there she goes on and on about the Sky World and the Goddess Sedenya's place in it. Now, much of this stuff your characters know, but I don't think you guys are in tune. So if you want to read up, there's this: The Gloranthan Ephemeris. I couldn't get the actual interactive night sky to work, because fuck Java.