Into the Tower

On their initial look around the tower, Cam again saw the woman on the walkway of the manor. This time, he managed to approach and talk to her.

No one else saw her, but Cam saw a middle-aged woman in fine clothes, bearing a bloody dagger. "Be careful!" she said, over and over. "There was nothing for it, but what was done. Nothing for it! Otherwise, all would have been lost." Nothing for it!"

"Nothing for what?" asked Cam, approaching carefully. "What's wrong?"

"You can't believe him! Don't trust Shiparon! Don't trust him!" Shaking her head, she started, as if seeing something nearby.

"Who's Shiparon? What did he do?" Cam had never heard that name before. No matter what he asked, the woman just kept repeating "Don't trust Shiparon!"

Death and the Rubble

In Pavis on Godday, Fertility Week, Storm Season, 1617 S.T. all the auspices proved wrong. An initiation gone wrong, a father dead seemingly at random. But worse was yet to manifest....

What family members had been found gathered at the Chalana Arroy temple. Cam, Senech and Gil each agreed to aid the Chalana Arroy priestess their prayers.

The three brothers knelt outside the central altar, praying for the priestess's success. Drozal's body was alone with the priestess in the inner temple. Hours passed. A single light shone in the priestess' hand. The room grew cold, the air stale. Darkness seemed to gather, and the light harder to see.

The early years: The Curse on the Rass

The start date of the campaign is approximate--some time in early 2000, I think.

A Rude Interruption

In Pavis on Godday, Fertility Week, Storm Season, 1617 S.T. all the auspices seemed correct for young Cam Rass of the clan of Rass to attempt his first initiation into the secrets of Issaries. Cam's brother, Gil had successfully lobbied for this elevation among his fellow merchants, sponsoring him in this. He had the support of his father Drozal as well.

The day was windy and cool, but the wind came from the south and carried moisture with it. Earlier there had been rain, which everyone agreed was a good sign. At sunset, a traditional time for Lightbringer initiations, Cam's family and business associates gathered in the Market at the steps of the Issaries temple. Markets are sacred to Issaries.

Personnel and History

Personnel and HistoryThis entry actually written 10/22/04  The House of the Rass game has had a significant migration of players and roles.  Initially, the game focused on the siblings of the last generation of the game. Raised in New Pavis, only a few of them had experience in the Rubble, and that in very specific areas. These were Gil the good son, a handsome and successful Issaries zebra trader, Gilli the drunk White Healer, Barlo her Vanganthi bodyguard, Senech the Short, and Cam a very talented apprentice shaman.  Their Uncle, Kroly became a central character in the game.

The Rass Game: Broad Introduction


Doctor what-was-his-name-again?

Doctor what-was-his-name-again?
Okaaay, clearly this is a very very serious and frightening matter, but they had to interview a guy by what name? Doctor Worm? You gotta be kidding me.

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Earliest notes

These are edited bits of the very earliest notes I can find. For historical perspective.

MIke, Sue & Rob s
HP:Senech 3, Gil 4, Asher 2. Gilli 2,
Gil crits using lock feat, locks Hell Stone with 18 str Lock, reusably. Keyed to the bloodline and alarmed to him.
Padoran and Schinara--maternal grandparents

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