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I don't pay a lot of attention to whether we get any traffic here that isn't from the regular players, but it seems worth a shot.

I've got at least one spot open in my Longest Running HQ game. We have been playing since the rules were called Hero Wars, back in late 1999 or 2000. Set in Glorantha, usually in Pavis. The characters are movers and shakers, and if you start a new character, that one would be too. The games take place 99% of the time at my home east of Charlottesville VA, about 45 minutes west of Short Pump.

Glorantha experience not necessary, but a love of actual role playing, a desire to sink your teeth into the game setting, and a habit of taking regular showers is required. Also, since one of the characters is a disgusting trickster, this game is rated R.



The Pavis Survivors attacked the Lunar garrison at Blyford.

Elves. Elves are lovely, right?

This message brought to you by the Westhill Clan Ring.

Senech helping with manor maintenance

Main Road East out of Hungry Sheep Hollow

Special for Chris

Stay with it for relevance

Watching the weather

I've just installed a personal weather station! If you want to be able to check it any time, let me know I'll give you the details.

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