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Orlanth Manifests


Hungry Sheep Hollow

And now a word from the other side

...where the game takes place on Friday night, runs until 3 AM, and, as the author says, No One Gives a Fuck.

Just to be clear, this is the antithesis of everything I love about gaming, and sure, exactly why I'm an elitist snob running a rarefied storytelling game I must pick through most of Virginia to find players for.

I wouldn't change a thing.

Old City, near the River

A Meditation on Pavis?

Shadow Cats

Name that View

drawing of elves in Shield Shake Hall

Great Zebra Exodus

The plains zebra, by far the most common and geographically widespread of the three, is featured in the film Great Zebra Exodus. Learn about zebra anatomy, diet, habitat, and social structure.

[From Video: Great Zebra Exodus | Watch Nature Online | PBS Video]

A Goal and a Warning

Just in case anyone is feeling complacent, or like I'm totally soft on the Heroes, I thought I would like to bring up this week's episode of Game of Thrones.

First, if you haven't been watching it, go back via netflix or bit torrent or whatever and watch the WHOLE THING from the START.

Second, know I plan to work hard to make each and every one of you players care deeply about some non-player character you have met in the game.

Third, and most ominous: I hope with all my heart that the climax of the Pavis campaign is as emotional as was the most recent episode.

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