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Vulture's Country, The Wastes

These could easily be Sartarites. Or Praxians. Or....

Zebra Stallions

"If you have a zebra stallion and have educated yourself before obtaining him or at least during ownership, chances are you don't own him just to have him as a pet. A zebra stallion really has no place as a family pet or riding animal unless extreme caution is always taken and the owner is willing to risk his and others' lives. A zebra stallion really should only be used as a breeding animal and for obvious safety reasons."

About bronze weapons

Gloranthan bronze isn't quite the same as Earth bronze, but this is some good info for flavor.

Senech attempts to become King of the Zebra Tribe

The Gauntlet of Hang-on-You're-a-Dick could have saved him.

From the generally NSFW Oglaf.com.

Renovation updates

You can see home renovation updates here.

Other stuff too, but mostly renovation for now.

Remember the Minis?

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