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The Capitol of Esrolia.

Meanwhile, back on the tula...

HeroQuest Glorantha is out

I forked up the $20 for a PDF of HeroQuest Glorantha last week, and I'm very glad I did.

First off, this is the HQ rules specifically tuned to Glorantha. Secondly, I think of it as a version 2.5 of the rules. Many bugs have been squashed, and there are new, better ways to do things. Though some of those ways would change game balance a lot, so we'll discuss before we adopt them.

bigger than your head

Sounds like a group I know

Pavis in Three Panels

Westhill's Pasture

Muttered by a beggar in the New City

The unbroken world is coming,
it must be coming!, I heard a voice,
there were clouds, there was dust,
I heard it in the streets, I heard it
announced by loud priests
from the walls.

Seaborne Child!

 photo MERMAID_VAR11032149_10153213751518033_8648689040846216808_o_zps6wtnoby9.jpg

Sadly, the teeth aren't scary enough.

Quoth Rasa

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