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HeroQuest Glorantha is out

I forked up the $20 for a PDF of HeroQuest Glorantha last week, and I'm very glad I did.

First off, this is the HQ rules specifically tuned to Glorantha. Secondly, I think of it as a version 2.5 of the rules. Many bugs have been squashed, and there are new, better ways to do things. Though some of those ways would change game balance a lot, so we'll discuss before we adopt them.

bigger than your head

Sounds like a group I know

Pavis in Three Panels

Westhill's Pasture

Muttered by a beggar in the New City

The unbroken world is coming,
it must be coming!, I heard a voice,
there were clouds, there was dust,
I heard it in the streets, I heard it
announced by loud priests
from the walls.

Seaborne Child!

 photo MERMAID_VAR11032149_10153213751518033_8648689040846216808_o_zps6wtnoby9.jpg

Sadly, the teeth aren't scary enough.

Quoth Rasa

Not exactly a happy thought by Oscar Wilde

Interesting reading and this weekend

This site has some good and entertaining stuff that so far is pretty correct as far as my game goes.

Also, I find myself with a very open weekend at the moment, though I'm trying to fill it up fast. Anything going on? Anyone want to get together? I can come to town. I can't stay over because Kirsten is off on an adventure with her mother, but my days and early evenings are free.

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