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Personnel and History

Personnel and HistoryThis entry actually written 10/22/04  The House of the Rass game has had a significant migration of players and roles.  Initially, the game focused on the siblings of the last generation of the game. Raised in New Pavis, only a few of them had experience in the Rubble, and that in very specific areas. These were Gil the good son, a handsome and successful Issaries zebra trader, Gilli the drunk White Healer, Barlo her Vanganthi bodyguard, Senech the Short, and Cam a very talented apprentice shaman.  Their Uncle, Kroly became a central character in the game.

The Rass Game: Broad Introduction


Doctor what-was-his-name-again?

Doctor what-was-his-name-again?
Okaaay, clearly this is a very very serious and frightening matter, but they had to interview a guy by what name? Doctor Worm? You gotta be kidding me.

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Earliest notes

These are edited bits of the very earliest notes I can find. For historical perspective.

MIke, Sue & Rob s
HP:Senech 3, Gil 4, Asher 2. Gilli 2,
Gil crits using lock feat, locks Hell Stone with 18 str Lock, reusably. Keyed to the bloodline and alarmed to him.
Padoran and Schinara--maternal grandparents

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