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Tue, 09/11/2007 - 04:04
I should really have got round to posting this before now...

Next Saturday (12th May) is my birthday, so there will be the by now traditional BBQ at our house. Everyone(*) is welcome. The party will start around 7pm, but if anyone wants to turn up in the afternoon and help with the last minute tidying and gardening, feel free. Lifts from/to Linlithgow station will be available. Please bring booze and something nice to cook - we'll have some stuff, but probably not enough...

If anyone needs directions, crash space, or whatever, please drop me an e-mail. Or leave a comment, or whatever.

Word of warning - we will have two large dogs (and one fat cat) wandering around. So, please keep the garden gate shut, and guard your food!

* - Everyone I know is invited. Everyone I know is also welcome to bring anyone they know. As are those people. Really - the more the merrier.

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Can you see the real me?

Tue, 09/11/2007 - 04:04
I couldn't resist...

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The Seat with the Clearest View?

Tue, 09/11/2007 - 04:04
As it happens, this post is more confused than cheerful. Did anyone watch Life on Mars? Especially the final episode? I've seen quite a lot of comments from people that were happy with how it ended, but I was more bemused than anything. Every episode has started with "Am I Mad? In a Coma? Travelled back in time?" (quote probably mangled horribly...) yet the final episode didn't answer that question. (Unless I've missed something...)

Anyone care to explain this to me? Or did the writer(s) just go for the horrible "let's leave it so vague that everyone thinks their theory was right..."?

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Reasons to be Cheerful, Part 3

Tue, 09/11/2007 - 04:04
It begins with a laptop. A laptop that dies in a horrible, final, irrepairable manner. And since the laptop is necessary for my very sanity, a new laptop needed to be bought...

In other words, my computer died last week, and I have had only limited Internet access since. It might be next week before the new laptop arrives, so expect little from me in the meantime.

The other downside to this is that since money is very tight at the moment, the cash to pay for the new computer is the same cash that was supposed to pay for our flights to Tentacles. We've had to pull out, and all the stuff I was hoping to run will now not happen, or be run by someone else. Apologies to anyone that I've let down.

I'll try to make the next post a bit more cheerful, for my sake as much as anything.

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Tentacled Plans

Tue, 09/11/2007 - 04:04
My Tentacles (25th May to 28th May, in Germany) is starting to look busy. Currently I'm planning to run :

The Curse of the Crimson Sail
30 player pirate freeform

Sir Gerald Fernley-Hamilton, governor of the small Carribean island of San Julianna, looked out from his palace window, and sighed. The ship tacking into the port was the Black Pig, a run-down privateer, crewed by villains. As if he didn't have enough trouble with the pirates already in town. Sir Gerald turned away, reluctantly returning to his desk, and its piles of paper. He glanced swiftly over the latest rumours and reports gathered from the town. Buried treasure, oaths of vengence, assaults, arrests. Nothing new there, then. Sir Gerald pushed the reports aside, and turned his attention to the most horrifying sheet of paper - the seating plan for his only daughter's wedding banquet...

Crimson Sail is the game I was going to run at the Student Nationals, running at Tentacles in its full, 30-player version. Assuming enough people want to play, that is...

Pub Quiz

The Blank Sheet
4-6 Players
Improvised Tabletop RPG.

Players take it in turns to ask the GM a yes/no question, and to make an in-character comment. By this means they create their characters, the scenario, and indeed the world setting.

The Grouse
approx. 1 hour

You have five minutes to convince the audience that your wildest theory is correct. Think Glorantha is round? That the Egyptian Gods were Cthulhoid entities? That Gregging is a good thing? Here's your chance to prove it to the world!

I ran this at Scotscon, and I think it worked pretty well, so we're giving it another try.

Timetables for all this are a little vague at the moment - Crimson Sail at some point on Saturday, not clashing with other freeforms, Blank Sheet Sunday morning, and the other two some evening...

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Pub Night

Thu, 08/30/2007 - 13:01
Claire and I will be in Edinburgh tomorrow evening (Friday) with the dogs. So we're thinking that maybe this would be a good chance to meet up with a few people down the pub. We should be at the Caley Sample Rooms around nine. Hope to see lots of you there!
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A Quantum Party?

Fri, 06/22/2007 - 17:14
Seems I only post to this thing to invite people to parties. Possibly not the worst thing in the world...

Anyway, we've been looking at the garden, and the lack of time, and wondering what to do. We could invite some people over for a gardening party (do some gardening, eat pizza or whatever, drink wine, and chat) but that means picking a day, and what if it rains? Well, then we'll have a house party, which is basically the same, but the "gardening" bit gets replaced by "maybe play some games, or whatever we feel like at the time". The eating, drinking, and chatting stays the same.

Anyone up for it next Saturday (30th June)? Turn up roughly lunchtime? We're open to suggestions for the kind of food you want to be bribed with. Let me know...


I was going to make this a jokey post, with references to the parallel between this and Schrodinger's cat, what with you not knowing what kind of party you've been invited to until you turn up, but I didn't. I suspect you're glad.

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This Hole in Me

Fri, 05/25/2007 - 15:17
Hello. My name is Graham, and I'm a manic depressive. I think that's the right form.

Okay, I've got no medical diagnosis for this. I did try to talk to a doctor about it once, but he only said "try to get more sleep and sort out the underlying problems". Helpful. My father is dying of cancer, I can't hold down a job, and I'm addicted to daydreaming, to an extent that half the time the real world seems more like somewhere I heard of than a place I ever lived. That sort of stuff just works itself out...

Anyway, I should give a definition of my symptoms, I guess. I'm not talking about the "I listen to Marillion and have the odd bad day, but I'm basically happy" kind of manic depression. That's just attention seeking. Alright, I do listen to Marillion, but that's just to cheer me up. (Take this seriously - "Brave" is *cheerful* music to me...) No, I'm talking about this :

First off there's the down cycle. The I can't sleep without drinking myself into a stupor first, because if I can think, I lie there going "oh shit, I'm a bastard". The I want to die. (I've attempted suicide before, and would have far more often if I could get hold of something which wouldn't involve enormous pain. Including today.) The I'm worthless, useless, pointless, unloveable, unattractive, nothing I do is any good. Your basic self-hate/self-harm trip. That's the depression side.

Then there's the up cycle. This is all, I'm going to win the lottery. I'm going to be a rock star, a famous author, a film director. I'm going to solve P=NP, write the perfect OS, win the Noble prize for computing that they'll invent just for me. I'm going to become Prime Minister, or run the BBC, or... This isn't just daydreaming, this is stuff I seriously believe. This is my life, just waiting to happen, any day now. Just hang on till the weekend, tomorrow, tonight, for another five sodding minutes. Doesn't matter what you do to get there, it'll all come right, cos you are the chosen one! That's the manic-bordering-on-delusional side.

But the bitch is the cycle. While I'm manic there's the voice going "Don't be daft". It isn't sensible. It isn't saying "look, finish a novel while doing some other work, and maybe you'll manage to make a bit of spare money, and at least you'll have fun". It's saying "You're a talentless loser, if you show that to anyone they'll laugh in your face, why bother?" Listen to that voice, down cycle. Ignore it? Only by staying manic, ignoring half of yourself, ignoring reality, clinging to the dream... And when I slip, depression. Getting out of depression is hard. It takes something big, something exciting, something I can get really into. Something that will make me manic, because normal, small pleasures, they don't seem to work.

That's my life. Daydreams that stop me from paying attention to the real world. Or depression that means I can't stand up. Crying or laughing. No middle ground. And it's wrecking my life. I can't interact with people normally. I'm up, and I joke too much, laugh too loud. I'm an ass. Down, and I'm sullen and bad-tempered. I can't just talk normally. That's middle ground. I never learnt how. As a result, I've never got close to anyone, even those who try to get close to me. I don't have friends, just people I've met.

Stuck in the middle of this is Claire. Poor girl.

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