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My Glorantha WILL vary
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What is it with bald Lunar women?

Tue, 05/24/2011 - 18:02

Cos, you know, the Goddess had hair.

I guess it started with that picture by Tom Sullivan, with the Lunar priestess with her plunging neckline standing in front of a statue of a Bald Goddess. I mean we all love a plunging neckline (though it isn’t that flattering to my aging skin), but really, what is going on here? Even MoB lampooned it with princess Anderida of Raibanth and her bald pigeon.

Is it that they shave their heads so they look like the moon or is that they are so preternaturally absent minded that they keep forgetting to put on their wigs?

The Goddess, in most of her aspects, has sport an assortment of highly complex coiffures. Each hairstyle has distinct meaning, and there is a good living to be made in the Heartland as hairdresser or wig maker. Style denotes social status, cultic affiliation and even intent of the wearer. The Balancer style (as worn by Natha), for instance, is often worn when seeking restitution. The implied threat is obvious to all, and is never invoked lightly.

Not only the women sport elaborate hair in the Empire. The noble boys of Alkoth and Carmania grow their hair as a sign of devotion, as do professional soldiers. On reaching adult hood if the man wishes to pursue a life other than a devotee of Shargash, he ritually cuts his hair and gives his braid to the high priest. In the event of war this will be presented back to him and he will be told Shargash Commands! He will wear his braid as a crown.
Devotees of Shargash, of course, never cut their hair, but bind it in blood red silks, which they wind around their heads and tie in elaborate knots. Many a visitor to Alkoth has met a brutal death by beating for comparing this tradition to the habit of Rufelza to loop her hair 7 times upon her head.

Part of the reason for the domed helmets amongst Heartland corps is that soldiers tradionally have their hair tied up upon the crown of their heads in cloth of their regimental colours (this is a conceit that dates back to the defeat of Sheng Seleris, & is considered a minor inspiration of Moon Son).

As officers progress in the herocult of Yanafarl, they are taught the correct hair knot of their rank. Cultic awards take the form of elaborate hair ornamentspins and hair cups.

Don’t even get me started on Orlanthi hair etiquette. It amazing what they’ll do because they know their god will keeps their hair out of their eyes.

Random yelping!

Tue, 05/24/2011 - 14:52

I’m not sure if I’m a good fit for an art blog as I am officially the Laziest Artist Simon Knows. So, what this will mainly be will be my random musings on marginal things.

There may even be some artwork*.

Note: I am the Art Greg; my artistic ideas about Glorantha are fickle, and tend to be contrary. I don’t subscribe to a lot of what has now become canon**.

* only if I can overcome my own indolence, of course.

** I’m very proud of my Babeestor Gori  player, who scaled CliffHome to petition CragSpider…  in the dark & the rain… while 5 months pregnant. And so was CragSpider.